Brunei Darussalam


For about two months now I have driven past the same spot over and over, each time anticipating the moment I would catch this scene. The first time I saw this was on a Saturday morning school run. We were running a little late and I didn’t have my camera with me at the time. The temptation to turn around and head home was great but we were running late. It so happened that a week ago, on my way to a Baiduri Bank commercial shoot, the scene magically appeared and this time I was equipped. I have shot the moon on numerous occasions mostly at night, this is only the second time I shot it during the day and made it a central piece of the composition. The first was at BRIDEX 2009 (5th photo from top).

Stopped my car by the side of the road, took this shot with the Canon 5DII and 70-200mm. I had plenty of time to carefully compose this before heading off for work.


  1. Oh my! Jan I loooove your photos and your blog. I found you on the forums talking about how long it took you to get followers to come to your site. We are kin in our love of art, colors, pictures & beauty. Like the pics of your wife’s Coach. Coach should be grateful. I’m looking forward to buying my first one.

    I also love your header. I must figure out how to do that and put up some of my artwork that I’ve been doing using computer design software.

    All the best.
    Princess Ayo


    1. Thanks. Seeing your name here reminds me that I have not yet replied your earlier comment. I have however looked at your Powershot G11 Taiwan photos and they’re really good.


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