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Canon Waterproof Case for PowerShot G11

I enjoy the Canon PowerShot G11 so much that it’s not enough I’m getting really good pictures on dry land but now with the waterproof case, I can now explore more places previously impossible. I’ve had a fascination for underwater photography for a while and had always thought it’s incredibly expensive hobby—notably diving lessons and dSLR housing—until I started shooting with the PowerShot G11 only then things began to make some sense. Besides, there’s a limit how often I can take my 5DII and 100mm Macro L out in the rain before trouble invites itself to my door step. It’s often quoted that the every great and memorable journey begins with the first step and here I am taking cautious steps into another realm.

The waterproof case gives the G11 compact so much bulk and turns it into something that now resembles a digital SLR.
An IEC/JIS Protection Rating of “IPX8” 40m / 130ft is more than enough for casual underwater indulgence such as a swimming pool.
I think it’s a good move that Canon makes the lens window serviceable considering the chance of frontal damage, you don’t need to replace the entire case.


The orange latch includes a “lock switch” (shown in yellow) to securely lock the back cover.
If there’s one area this camera can be improved it’s the wide angle. 28mm is OK, 24mm is better but availability of an ultra-wide angle lens would be great for underwater photography. Trouble is its associated cost in purchasing new housing that is designed to accommodate optional UWA lens add-ons.
These green plastic spring loaded buttons are fairly easy to use out of water. Whether this is the case once submerged remains to be seen.
The amazing thing is that you virtually have access to all controls you’ll likely need underwater including a tripod mount.


With the LCD monitor flipped out, the G11 sits comfortably in the housing.
The diffusion plate has been widely criticised by many for blocking the focusing assist light where it’s most needed underwater. According to Canon, the plate is to ensure “even distribution of light from the flash” otherwise parts of the image may appear dark without it. Hmm, interesting.

4 thoughts on “Canon Waterproof Case for PowerShot G11

    1. Hi Eileen, I bought the case from our Canon distributor, Interhouse Co and it’s around B$350 (price may vary depending on shipping). I placed an order with them I think 2 months or so back and wasn’t in any hurry to get it but it arrived just in time for the school holiday where the kids will hit the swimming pool and I’d get some practice and check the housing for leaks (not much else to do other than reading the manual several times over).

      You may want to contact Vincent Goh vincentgoh[at] to get an accurate quote and availability time frame. Check to see if he has any in stock, who knows he may have brought in extras.


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