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A day after the Panaga Helps Charity Auction event for Haiti and Chile earthquake victims, I received an email from an unsuccessful bidder for the Majestic Kampong Sungai Bera Sunrise not only wanted to purchase the print but she wanted it in a larger size. No problem. Along with that, she had another image in mind she wanted “in the largest size possible” which she wanted to hang above the piano. This “Egrets in Panic Flight” moment was  captured during the joint Brunei Natural Society/Panaga Natural History Society Seria Wetlands outing on March 20, 2008. The image was shot on the original EOS 5D and no up-sizing was needed for a print of this size (60 x 40 in.).

Once I had both prints made and collected, I met my client in person for the first time at Sunny Frame Maker in Seria. Something about the dark sky and rain that made the experience of meeting a new face more exciting especially the anticipation of the reaction to this whopping 60″ x 40″ print as Sunny is seen confirming in the picture below. It was almost too big for him to handle seeing how it’s the same maximum size of the hardboard.

Sunny with his tape measure confirming the dimensions of the print

I received a commendation from Panaga Helps committee following the successful event and it’s just as Liesbeth says, “a bigger size does these images so amazing much more right!” which got me thinking about an area I hadn’t previously thought of exploring—not exactly an exposition of my work at this point but print sales.

What a beautiful piece of work Jan I got the honor to see it myself last Saturday at the event. You should consider having an exposition of your work, a bigger size does these images so amazing much more right! You’ll fall in love with them all over again (I know you hesitated a moment giving it away, after you first saw it framed again…). We got a lot of enthusiastic reactions on your piece in the auction and it shows in the final bid, $550,- fantastic! Thanks to you and all the other people involved we managed to raise over $23.000,- total, and there are still donations coming in! Thank you so much for your contribution.

Panaga Helps Haiti & Chile Committee

Sunny places a cardboard mount and wooden frame identical to the one used on the auction piece

4 thoughts on “ON THIS RAINY MORNING

  1. Hey, congrats on the sale of a very large beautiful print. That shot must be magical in large format.

    That Kempong surise is another that’ll look gorgeous in large format. I guess no you should seriously think about selling your prints. That MIG going ballistic in the sky would equally look awesome.


  2. Hi Jan. Those are both beautiful pictures! Congratulations on the bid and the sale.

    One question that I have: where did you print the 60×40? Is it on canvas or gloss/matte?


  3. Hi Jan, the scene of the ‘Egrets Panic Flight’ on your Penan cards collection is very popular with repeated prints!

    Thanks again for your contribution towards our Penan `Helping Hands’ cause.


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