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Some of you may remember this really tall tree that has appeared so many times in my sunrise landscapes that it has become an icon of the neighbourhood I’m in. Even more iconic is what I think the tree means to the countless number of Oriental Pied hornbills that frequently stopped over, hopping from branch to branch before taking off into the horizon. Sadly, the tree is no longer there as housing contractor cleared the forest and levelled the lone tree to the ground in a matter of minutes.


It pained me to see a tree that has existed long before any of us set foot in this neighbourhood. The day was Feb 09, 2010 and the time 8.57 AM when I first heard the sounds of chainsaw then repeated chopping followed by the ensuing crackling of the falling tree. Six seconds and it was all over leaving a void that will never be filled again. As a result, there has been significantly less sighting of hornbill visits since. Sigh! 😦

tree-1 tree-2 tree-3 tree-4 tree-5

8 thoughts on “DEATH OF AN ICON

  1. I feel the same way but about my skyline. A year ago I could shoot a beautiful sunset out on my balcony. Now it’s really hard with all the pollutants hanging over the horizon.


  2. Sad …. So Sad… And they wonder why this world is heating up. Doesn’t hurt to leave the tree where it is to provide shade.


  3. I recently bumped into the person who is going to build a house there. Turns out to be someone I know and get this—when I pointed out to him that his new house is the reason the iconic tree has disappeared and that hornbills no longer visit my area, his smirk reply was “hornbills poop everywhere. It’s good to not have to deal with their droppings then” 😛


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