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Here’s a second instalment of my Lexus shoot for NBT TOYOTA following the publication of the RX350 in 2009. Once again, I missed the actual ad that appeared in the Borneo Bulletin newspaper so the kind folks at ZenderFang emailed me a copy of the artwork (a complete one which I delicately ripped to fit in this space). Although on the day of the shoot, an actual IS300C was in the process of clearing customs we were unable to get it ready for the shoot other than that it had been pre-booked by a client, it wasn’t right to do so either. So the red convertible was from a different source while we had the silver IS300 to play with. You’ll find my personal rendition below which wasn’t part of the deliverable but that didn’t stop me from dabbling with the image.




A second in a long day of shoot in the scorching heat. Just 2 images shy of a thousand RAW files were shot in one day from three Lexus models. I don’t know about other photographers but this is surely a personal record. The photo below was taken by Gavin whom I invited to assist me and creative director James from ZenderFang.


A hardcopy print out of the RX350 artwork pinned on the cork board a reminder of the long hours in the sun. The colours from the Canon PIXMA IP6700D is as vibrant as it was the day it was printed.


9 thoughts on “LETTING IT RIP!

    1. aaah, good location to do big shoot out 🙂 i sometimes stop by the said place next to it to pray. I know already from the image refering to your Gap Tee.. maybe i’m wrong? 😀


  1. This was taken in Brunei! 😛 The first two seems like its out of a computer game (silver and red). Doesn’t feel real to me. And last thing I would do is buy cars based on “artist impression”-like pictures 😛


    1. The same way I feel about buying computer games based on an often exaggerated artist impression on the box cover. I mean how many times have you been duped into believing that the “Need for Speed” or similar car simulation game actually had such realism as depicted on the cover photo? That was the reason I played Gran Turismo for the first and last time—utter disappointment—even GT on PS 3 is far from being real enough.

      But DI work as surreal as they may be does work effectively in communicating lifestyle elements about them. That’s why such time consuming work still fetch premiums and are in demand from discerning clientele.


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