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Last night was the first time I saw the two teams  again since the official launch of the ASEAN BASKETBALL LEAGUE in Makati, Philippines on Aug 30th 2009. There had been numerous home games which for one reason or another got in the way of attending. So when I asked around and managed to secure a couple of friends one of whom offered to drive, it was an opportunity for some lens work and also a “reunion” with the guys I shared a bus and a journey with, not too long ago.

btsports-abl-barracudas-thumb↑ Click on image to read article (~1MB)
Read this article on BT Online | Barracudas looking for players
ASEAN Basketball League Facebook Fan Page | Asean Basketball League Official Site

The [Singapore] Slingers went on a shooting spree in the second half and extended their lead to 20 points before the Barracudas rallied to cut the deficit to 72-83 going into the final four minutes of the game. “We [Barracudas] never recovered from going down 10-0 at the start of the game. I know that the players have tried their best but we played badly in the beginning and gave them a cushion too big that they controlled till the end,” said Ramos | Barracudas — The Brunei Times

I enjoyed tense atmosphere, the drums, the noise, the vantage point and most of all the consistency of the lights that lit the indoor stadium compared to other lesser basketball tournament venues I had previously shot in. All images shot on EOS 5D mkII and EF70-200mm f/2.8 IS lens in alternating One Shot | AI Servo modes between ISO 3200 and 5000. Better vantage points and opportunities can be had with a media pass and freedom to move closer to the basket.


barraccudas-slingers-003 barraccudas-slingers-007 barraccudas-slingers-008 barraccudas-slingers-009


“How do we match up? Coach Goh from the Dragons has already given us many helpful tips. He obviously wants to help us to help themselves. The Slingers do not have a deep bench, but the Barracudas are one of the only teams I can think off with an even shorter bench with six to seven players being used during key minutes.” —Kelvin Poh

barraccudas-slingers-010 barraccudas-slingers-011 barraccudas-slingers-012 barraccudas-slingers-013 barraccudas-slingers-014 barraccudas-slingers-015 barraccudas-slingers-018 barraccudas-slingers-020 barraccudas-slingers-021 barraccudas-slingers-022 barraccudas-slingers-023 barraccudas-slingers-024 barraccudas-slingers-025 barraccudas-slingers-026 barraccudas-slingers-027 barraccudas-slingers-028 barraccudas-slingers-029 barraccudas-slingers-030


  1. Maybe it’s beginner’s luck but so far none of the photographs had a player’s eyes closed or even half closed. I am not this lucky when it comes to corporate events or weddings 🙂


    1. If only I had a 7D I think last night’s game would have allowed me the opportunity to test the accuracy of the new AF system and dual processor to see for myself if Canon delivers on its promise. I’m not keen to find out how fast the 7D can gun it at 8 fps (I used to own a 1D Mark II) but more specifically how fast and accurate it locks focus.


  2. Great pics Jan~ sports photography is quite difficult to capture but you did well with the shots~~ if you could capture some shots of players passing or receiving the ball and dribbling or defending a dribble, it would add more variety to the set of pictures.


    1. Thanks! Not a fan of basketball in particular but as a student back in Perth, WA I used to watch NBA games feverishly on Aussie TV for their explosive slam dunks. I have a board at home which I shoot occasionally (last used was to hang my remote Speedlite flash for a shoot). So it helps to know (assuming you’re a fan) what people like to see more of. Also it helps to have a media pass so I can choose my own vantage points instead of paid seating.


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