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This morning after returning home from my usual Saturday morning routine, I randomly picked up a copy of magazine from my stash of Asian Geographic magazine collection only to discover that I had received an Honourable Mention from the 2008 ASIA WITHOUT BORDERS Photo Competition. Casually flipping the complimentary copy of PHOTO ANNUAL 2008 that came bundled with PHOTO ANNUAL 2009 No. 69 Issue 8/2009 I was going down the list of winners in the Honourable Mentions | Wild Places on page 120 and noticed my full name in print—suddenly this Saturday isn’t so usual any more!

Pygmy Squirrel — The Honourable Mention entry.

I normally don’t like surprises but to be surprised like this on another wet and unproductive day, I don’t mind! Say hello to this cute tiny little Pygmy Squirrel which I photographed while on assignment at the Temburong Ulu Ulu Resort (check out the gallery for other pictures of small ephemeral creatures).



The Pygmy Squirrel is really very tiny and so happened I had the 70-200mm f/2.8 on my full frame 5D and it was darting about the resort when I first caught sight of it. Standing very still and quite unbelievably, it came towards me and was  just inches from my feet—a definitive get it or lose it moment—quite nerve wrecking!

honourable-4 honourable-5

Previously published photos in ASIAN GEOGRAPHIC magazine include  Brunei Hari Raya Aidilfitri Celebrations

Complimentary copies of Asian Geographic mags for my collection



    I received comments on my Facebook Profile and Page too.

    If you have a chance to grab a copy of Asia Geographic magazine available monthly in especially the Photo Annual edition — jam packed with inspirational photographs from competition winners and honourable mentions. Judging from the entries in the 2009 competition and the number of submissions from India, I feel the standard not only shot up from 2008 entries but intensified from the many compelling images from India.

    View results from 2009 competition:


    1. Thanks Azri, Asian Geographic magazine isn’t widely distributed in Brunei. I have from time to time seen it at Bismi Seria Plaza and several other outlets in BSB though I cannot recall which. Back issues are even more difficult to obtain given the rarity of the monthly circulation. I’m considering subscribing* to it because it’s packed with photojournalism works which is really my cup of tea than weddings.

      Adding to this, many people don’t know or have heard of this magazine. Case in point, I recently asked my sister in law who was in Singapore at the time to get me January edition from the airport when she leaves, instead she brought home National Geographc which I appreciated no less but was kinda disappointed because I really wanted AG not NG.

      * I take that back. Magazine subscription application to local Singapore residents only. Shame!


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