Wave House – the world’s number one beach destination – will be opening its latest flowriding, dining, and entertainment complex here in Singapore this October. Construction is nearly complete, and the heart and soul of Wave House Sentosa – the Double FlowRider® and the 10-foot FlowBarrel™ – have started pumping.

“Surfing is not only a sport – it is a lifestyle,” says Tom Lochtefeld, the founder and CEO of Wave House (and a surfer himself). He continues, “It captures the fun essence of the beach – music, parties, sun, and sand!” And with Wave House Sentosa incorporating all the best elements from the other Wave House venues, Singaporeans can expect to enjoy the best Wave House yet!


Invented by Lochtefeld, the Double FlowRider and 10-foot (3-meter) FlowBarrel wave machines use submersible pumps to create non-stop, flowing and curling waves over soft-padded surfaces. The waveform is a proprietary composite membrane ride surface that is designed to absorb the energy of impacts. So rest assured – even if you wipeout, you’ll soon be back on your feet.

Photo courtesy of WAVE HOUSE SENTOSA

Flowriding is a twenty-first century alchemy that has the look of surfing, the ride of snowboarding, the tricks of skateboarding, and boards derived from wakeboarding. Since the early 1990s, the world’s best board riders have cross-pollinated into flowriding. This new alternative board sport is taken seriously from the mountains to the sea, and Lochtefeld’s wave machines are dotted around the world in dozens of locations – water parks, cruise ships, shopping malls, and more. There are currently already over 100 FlowRiders worldwide! —Wave House Sentosa

FLOWRIDING: The Double FlowRider® and the FlowBarrel™

While wave machines, wave pools, and surf machines date as far back as the 1920s, it wasn’t until the late 1980s that anything came close to re-creating the thrills and challenge of the ocean. That was when Wave Loch® founder Tom Lochtefeld developed “sheet wave” technology. His technology solved the biggest hurdle to bringing the thrill of surfing inland by creating a ride that provided ample energy and the necessary ride surface, but would fit in a relatively tight space. Whether it is the basic FlowRider® or the more challenging FlowBarrel™, Wave Loch’s surf machines harness the power and challenge of the ocean in closed systems that share the same footprint as a family pool, rather than an Olympic-sized one.

Photo courtesy of WAVE HOUSE SENTOSA

Wave House Beach Bar and Grill and Cloudbreak Terrace on the second level are where you’ll be able savor solid, healthy foods from an extensive menu of modern Californian/Asian culinary fusion – tasty salads, tapas, appetisers, Cajun prawns, burritos and burgers, skewered tuna tataki, pastas, pizzas, grills, and home-made desserts. Located close to the flowboarding action, the two beach bars will offer a variety of cool beverages, cocktails, lemonades and chilled margaritas, a selection of tasty finger foods, and a choice of picnic baskets. Order a drink or two and lounge at the chic tipis and cabanas at the beachfront, or simply hang out in the hammock garden, adjacent to the main building.


First patented in December 1991 by Tom Lochtefeld, Wave Loch sheet waves come in two categories of intensity. Firstly, there’s the Double FlowRider – a sheet wave that flows over a hump but does not curl. Multiple, high-energy pumps project a three-inch layer of water up and over a surface engineered to replicate the shape of an ocean wave. As much as 100,000 gallons of water a minute at flows at speeds ranging from 20 mph to 30 mph (32 kmph to 48 kmph). The FlowRider is perfect for novices and intermediates. Its large open face allows riders to creatively express themselves with a variety of moves.



“As the largest Café Del Mar in the world, Café Del Mar Singapore is an exciting addition to the expanding array of quality entertainment products established in Singapore by global lifestyle brands and icons such as Fashion TV, Hed Kandi, Buddha Bar and Ministry of Sound. Café  del Mar’s trend-setting concept and chill-out environs on the resort island of Sentosa are an irresistible draw for visitors seeking a unique experience in Singapore.” says Mr Oliver Chong, Director, Cluster Development (Events & Entertainment), Singapore Tourism Board.   “World-class lifestyle offerings such as Cafe Del Mar help to reinforce Singapore’s vision to become Asia’s leading entertainment capital, boosting our efforts to achieve our targets of $30 billion tourism receipts and 17 million visitor arrivals by 2015.”


Awarded 2009 Singapore’s Best Restaurant, Cafe del Mar is the “theatre for one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world.” Located a stone’s throw away from Wave House, guests soak up the truly unique ambience as people kick back on the shoreline to the tune of signature soundtrack (visit website to listen to live tracks). I received a complimentary Cafe del Mar Singapore 2nd Anniversary CD which features 4 tracks “Summer Memories” DAB, “Higher” Rue Du Soleil, “Indian Moon” La Caina & “Eternally Yours” Gary B tracks of which are taken from the album Cafe del Mar “Volumen XV”


At Café del Mar Singapore, the most smashing beach parties are staged for those so inclined. Groove to the cool, sexy beats of the music while savouring tapas and sipping on sangrias in the sultry sea breeze while live bands and DJs play above the pool bar on a mobile platform and check out the crowd togged out in their body-beautiful best. Bikini and board short-clad bodies dance to the pulsating beats. Its haute beach life personified. Think style without pretension, complete with laid-back buzz.


Café del Mar in Sentosa has a 6,000 sq ft air-conditioned bungalow and generous outdoor grounds dotted with spacious day beds and cabanas. Surrounded by lush greenery and white sands overlooking the sea, Café del Mar exudes a sense of exclusivity. Decked out with two Jacuzzis and a pool with a bar, this restaurant/bar is an ideal spot to soak in while enjoying a refreshing cocktail on a hot sunny day.


About Cafe del Mar
The original Café del Mar in Ibiza was created in 1980 as an inspired thought to showcase the Mediterranean Sea on San Antonio beach. Designed by emblematic architect, Luis Güell, CDM Ibiza is an architectural icon of eroticism and sensuality. When the place was unveiled, it became the watering hole for DJs, artists and celebrities.

From the onset, CDM was about putting music to spectacular sunsets in Ibiza. A unique blend of new age classical and jazz fusion was the first step to CDM’s signature sound, and in time, new musical formulas were created with the Café del Mar seal. With its growing reputation as the epicentre of superb music and laid-back cool, CDM became the gig that top international DJs would vie to play. Now, after 25 years of great music and legendary sunset parties told all round the world, Café del Mar has materialized on our shores.



    1. Indeed. It takes two (or more elements) to tango like that—a dramatic surf, sunset back light and the right moment—neither one of which was in my favour at the time of visit. I’ll remember this the next time I happen to be visiting Sentosa around evening time!


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