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What excites me about this post isn’t so much the discovery of the National Geographic Store but the events leading up to its discovery and more. The store is located on Level 1 of VivoCity shopping and is the only second one of its kind after London. My family and I had just spent the morning at Sentosa followed by lunch at Marche Restaurant and on our way to the Canon showroom, I stopped in mid drizzle to help a couple take a photo of them against the base of the giant iconic Christmas tree. Before we parted ways, I spared a moment to introduce myself and gave them my card (something I do not normally have on me while holidaying). Upon realizing that I was a photographer, we clicked right away and I could see the excitement in their eyes when they suggested that I must check out the photo exhibition in the gallery at the Nat Geo store which happened to be the last day too. ( The first reaction I had was, “National Geographic store in Singapore?” Well, just in case you’re a bit skeptical, here are photos from the store … taken with permission from store General Manager T C Koh including the gallery exhibits where photography was prohibited. Great news for ardent fans of NG no doubt—finally all NG merchandise in one hot spot! (Note: JANSHIM.COM is no longer active).

Every which way you look, the Nat Geo Store is a large shop where NG merchandise are sold. But what isn’t obvious is that the store also welcomes private and corporate events to be held right inside the NG floor space. The photo exhibition is one such event where the stores theme lends a great hand simply by virtue of NG marque. By that, Nat Geo’s expansive global coverage and network makes it the perfect platform and venue to hold an event. Interested parties can contact Mr T C Goh for more information.


  1. Haha, I was really excited when I found out about it 2-3 months ago! I was in Singapore, and my friend in Sg (studying in NTU) who knows my obsession towards documentary brought me there, as she knew that I would be in love with that shop. I did a quick tour only tho’, as we were on a hurry.

    And then 2-3 weeks ago, I stumble upon the London’s shop, awesome. It’s almost the same tho’, just bigger, better and the currency are in pounds. But I would say the essence are well captured in the Sg store already, (:


    1. An outlet in Kuala Lumpur is in the works according to the NGS website. NGS can now disseminate art work and rich history from their huge archives to every country where an NGS store is established. Each of these stores would then go on to become a tourist attraction to complement a host of other tourist attractions. Brunei would greatly benefit from this one single setup that holds so much history and yet be in a position to create more more in our abode of peace! Food for thought.


  2. Great stuff, man. Always nice to see the work of a peer. You should add buttons to the bottom of your posts to digg, stumble, etc your content.-Tom


    1. I don’t think I saw enough of what the store has to offer. It was one of those run-and-gun moments with my wife and kids waiting for me outside. I did however manage to hand out my business card to the store’s GM and walked out with these pictures. There’s nothing more depressing than going abroad and not bringing home memories you cannot possibly charge to a credit card (although @ NGS you can 🙂 )


  3. thanks so much for reminding this NG shop in SG. They are even selling shirts and boots? with NG logos on them? but my concerns are only about the pictures and their stuffs


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