Brunei Darussalam


Psst! Just a whisper to let you know I won’t be posting here for a while until I’ve cleared the massive backlog of recent wedding, commercial and event shoots. Occasionally, freelancing takes its toll and you discover you’re all alone because when it comes to artistic rendering, it’s a personal business—and no one can lend a helping hand. Instead, you can find some of my recent work at JAN SHIM PHOTOGRAPHY on Facebook or FOLLOW ME on Twitter for the oh-so-occasional updates.

janshim-jerudongThe “GA” motif spells GAP in full not Giorgio Armani 🙂
Photo by Gavin at Lexus shoot in Jerudong, Brunei Darussalam

15 thoughts on “ON A HIATUS

    1. Not a bad idea at all. GAP clothing is one of my favourite casual / work wear just too bad there isn’t a single boutique in Brunei and the nearest outlet I get mine at is Singapore.


    1. Well Violette, life is no Kit Kat for me yet. I have about 5,000 images (rounded off to nearest thousand) to look at. It’s not that I’m actually editing that many photos but as long they’re in the folder, I’ve got to eye ball them all before they eventually go to print.


      1. Well Jan, Manic thursday is bad idea. God created the world in 7 days and he commended His people to observe the day of rest on Sunday. Hope you are not too busy to go for your favourite fried kua-tiaw at Soi Heng on Sunday 🙂


        1. Well, Stephen Covey published the “7” Habits and then followed by the 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness. Canon is certainly not going to stop at the EOS “7”D. I think we folks in Belait are blessed with days that are less manic compared to our friends in BSB where it’s manic everyday! 🙂


  1. Awesome 50’s style b&w-excellent on part of Gavin. I like it when I’ve got a back log- it gets the juices flowing. Get post processing! Hope to see some of the goodness when you finish.


      1. For tee shirts, I don’t mind the occasional logo. For GAP Polos I prefer them without. Last December I picked up a GAP light weight “Nat Geo” style tan jacket (Fall 2009 season) from Singapore and wore it for the first time recently in Taiwan. I love the large pockets including the inner one where I kept the Powershot G11 when I’m shooting the 5DII SLR.


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