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Canon’s marketing slogan DELIGHTING YOU ALWAYS comes in all shapes and sizes and the interpretation of its meaning is often anything but in the literal sense. How’s how I see it a little differently. “De-” denotes removal or reversal so De-lighting means removal of light which means no Speedlite flash is needed. Because its high ISO performance is so brilliantly (pun intended) implemented, Canon “reverse” engineered light into your pictures without use of flash. Hence “Delighting You Always” remains true to its slogan!



  1. Definitely had me laughing. I always thought it just meant Canon makes you happy… Nicholas Leong’s comment had me laughing harder =)
    gotta go now… there’s some noisy photos that need tending to…


    1. It’s well known in the industry that Nikon has better flash technology and metering than Canon but because I do not point the flash directly at my subjects, none of the perceived shortcomings of the Speedlite flashes bothered me. Now, with such brilliant ISO 3200-6400 technology, the flash no longer needs to work as hard as before and therefore one definite plus from this is the batteries last so much longer.


      1. One reason to want the 7D. I will be getting mine by mid or end of next year. I’ve always been Canon shooter-since the late 80’s. I still have my AE-1 with 50mm and EOS 630 with the now obsolete EF 24-70 kit. I guess I will be ‘delighting’ for the rest of my photo career.


        1. My dad used to own a Canon AE-1 which gave us many classic black and white family photos when I was little. Between the time he gave up photography and the time I took it up just five years back I think it must have been at least two decades. In between then, most of the family photos were captured on our trusty Yashica auto focus film camera where focus and recompose was the only way to go when it came to off-centre composition.


  2. guess the slogan things are making no differences to a canon die-hard supporter, I reckon. especially when my resoulation for Year 2010 would be upgrading to 50D or even more advance family members 🙂

    Happy New Year to all ShimWorld readers and Canon users! Greetings from Hk!


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