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In this lifetime, I’ve owned a dozen pairs of denims from various  makes and styles. I’ve had jeans by Giordano, Emporio Armani, Esprit, FCUK, Guess and Levi’s in no particular order or preference. No other piece of clothing has so much versatility and wear which makes them my preferred choice (unless the dress code requires otherwise) simply because I kneel and squat a lot. And frankly, I’ve not had any problems with my jeans until now. My favourite pair is the Esprit ROCK series which for some reason has a mind of its own. I don’t know if it’s defective or what but it’s got a habit of working itself downwards and I can only imagine if people had noticed the fly’s undone and were embarrassed to point it out (though I prefer to think no one had noticed)


So yesterday, while ironing a rather big load two things dawned on me. Ironing is good exercise but not the kind of exercise I want to do long term. One afternoon of standing next to the ironing board and my legs are a lot more sore than a day of shooting which hurts my shoulders, hands and back more than anywhere else. You probably have a hard time believing this but I happen to find ironing therapeutic and enjoyable (hint: I’ve lived abroad for four years) and since repatriating the domestic help, I have the entire room to myself. But of course it helps to have sound system there tuned in to BFBS on 101.7 FM—available only in KB and Seria!


Now, coming back to the zipper story. So while ironing, I tried to troubleshoot the zipper gravity syndrome but was unable to reproduce it. Upon closer inspection of the mechanism, there appeared to be no defect that was obvious to me. No part of the zip was worn out or damaged so I concluded that perhaps it was my own fault—the zipper tab needed needs to be pushed down flush against the teeth for it to be “locked” securely. And I also noticed that this mechanism is designed to flick into locking position so it baffles me even more how every time I would wear the jeans, the problem persisted! Now that I’m enlightened somewhat, let’s see what happens.

6 thoughts on “ZIPPITY DOO “DUH”

  1. Superb photos to go with the funny story. Chuck that pair and get new ones. Can’t imagine a pro photog out on the job shooting with the handsomest gear and suddenly, there is something more open than the 1.8. LOL.


    1. It may open wider than the 1.8 but my 1.4 lets in more light !! 🙂

      I just got in from road testing the new discovery (ensuring the zipper tab is in the lock position) and happy to submit a zero incident report here. In hindsight I think I know where the problem lies but I’m not telling. After all it’s my favourite pair of jeans and likely the most seasoned too. Worse case I would get the zipper replaced than chuck it.


    1. Macro lenses are fantastic for a number of reasons. You get to be up close and personal with your subject and at the same time get unbelievable Bokeh. I use my EF 100mm f/2.8 a lot for nature as well as abstract shoots including food photography which you’ll see when I post images from the CheezBox Cafe assignment. In fact, I’m using it so much that I’m thinking of investing in the newly released EF 100mm f/2.8 L lens with Image Stabiliser simply because I hand-hold my work a lot so I think that lens will be an invaluable addition to the family.


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