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→ Update: This blog post is also mirrored on Baidu to promote The Abode of Peace to a huge online community in China. Baidu is China’s most frequently used search engine in which Google has an stake.

Continuing from Splashes on the Brunei River here are the images from my latest set as published in Sept 2009 edition of Singapore Airlines in-flight SilverKris magazine—two images: Tarindak d’Seni (left) and the Ulu Temburong National Park suspension bridge. Pictures and article on page 80 of magazine.

Silverkrismag-thumb↑ click on image to view large size (~800KB)
Singapore Airlines: Brunei 5 Must Dos | The Essential Quick Guide for Discerning Travellers
1. Capital Hikes | 2. Life on the Water | 3. Going Local | 4. Jerudong Jaunts | 5. Verdant Treat

Empire Hotel & Country Club | A Resort in the Mist | An Eye Over Temburong Rainforest | Tourist Square

Brunei 5 Must Dos | Singapore Airlines Destinations | Sept 2009 edition

This was a two-day assignment not counting the number of e-mail exchanges I’ve had with regards to the scope and logistics of shoot. At the end of the day, a buffet of images were provided to the SilverKris team for their review and selection. Along with images from Splashes on the Brunei River are the ones below which did not make it to print but which I thought are interesting to share. Many thanks to author Wan Zainal, SilverKris team for the opportunity and also thanks Sunshine Borneo Tours and Brunei Tourism for their support!

A chef at Tarindak d'Seni preparing flame grilled chicken
One of the best Soto I've had in a very long time can be found at Soto Rosmini. Enjoy a bowl of Soto Kahwin Kuning Special (vermicelli and yellow noodles in beef soup)
Soto Rosmini is well known for their very delicious Soto delicacy
Inside the busy bakery of an extremely popular hangout—Chop Jing Chew
Jing Chew buns with fillings such as peanuts and dried coconuts served fresh out of their oven from 7am to 9am.
Go parasailing or jetskiing at Empire Hotel & Country Club in Jerudong. This assignment brought me to the Dolphin Seasports at the hotel's Marine Centre where I danced my way to the boat. The super hot sand, sea water and boat ride came with an acceptable degree of risks.

Shooting in Manukan Island in Kota Kinabalu prepared me for this assignment as I knew the risks involved. A jetty at the Marine Centre would be a welcomed addition in the interest of safety and convenience.

Jetskiing at the Marine Centre of The Empire Hotel and Country Club
Buffet lunch at the airport restaurant run by Royal Brunei Catering
One of many scenes out of the pontoon boat ride along the water village. Seen here is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque
Tarindak d'Seni serves Ambuyat in a formal setting. A customer lifts the lid of a clay pot containing our local delicacy. Ambuyat is a sago paste served with a selection of condiments including chilli and preserved durian


    1. Hi Rongen,

      Great work on the Baiduri i-Banking design! Thank to your Facebook heads-up I learned about Baiduri’s new token., I’ve picked up mine from Seria branch and while I have yet to use the token, I’m delighted that they’ve made the switch sooner than I had expected.

      I’ve just finished shooting Baiduri’s images for their 2010 calendar. Don’t see why we wouldn’t be working on a project some day 🙂


  1. Again, Nice shots Jan!

    If it’s Wu Chun opens a window of Brunei to the world, then it’s YOU help on coloring the content inside there…So really thank you.

    I hope one day, Wuchun could become the tourism ambassador for Brunei, just like what actually has he been doing so far…promoting Brunei among the people across Asia…

    But of course, your beautiful photos would be the very supporting key to it…

    A big Thank you from Wu Chun’s fans @ Baidu Wuzunba


    1. Just like the lime shot, your visit Brunei plan couldn’t have been better timed. Now, instead of the 10 things Gavin and I had in mind for you, we only need to fulfill 5 as suggested. 🙂


  2. What to Expect, when you’re expecting… I’m so so proud to be Bruneian, but i couldn’t contribute so much to this nation. I’m so proud of Jan Shim’s hard work in making this nation’s to the eye of the world. BRUNEI have great Hospitality, tradition, history etc, which in my point of view JAN you delivered it evenly to us and everybody in this world…How RICH we are in Culture and how proud we are.. You couldn’t speak and we couldn’t listen to you… BUT all your Pictures speak a thousand words. SUPERB works… you did a great job Jan!


    1. I’ve never been to Brunei but this set makes me want to plan a vacation there with the famiily. Your photos are a great inspiration to me. Love your angles with so much detail that each tell a story.


      1. I think our tourism authority would be delighted to know this too 🙂

        There are many places in Brunei which I have not yet had the opportunity to visit. We’re also tourists in our own home and I look forward to showcasing more of our pride and heritage to the world. I live in the Belait district, 1.5 hours drive away from the Brunei capital, in an oil town called Seria. One of the many cultural and heritage attractions in Bandar Seri Begawan that is of interest to many visitors is the Royal Regalia where the rich historical archives of our Sultanate is showcased.


    1. I hear you David. [stomach rumbles]

      This Rooster misses the fiery growl of the Lion City especially when it comes food, shopping, entertainment and a peace of mind holiday destination. I’m happy to be recently informed that SHIMWORLD is now on Singapore Tourism’s radar and I look forward to doing some work with them.


      1. Jan,

        Thanks for heads up about things to do in Brunei and the mee soto looks power.

        Hope to check it out in 2011, I was in Brunei in 1996.


  3. the lime shot is superb, Jan

    Thanks for all the info. They are very useful for my planning, ie foods, drinks, sightseeing, photos and catch up with you


  4. I really like the effect of this photo. How did you blur the edges without blurring the center?

    Probably me camera won’t allow me to achieve such effect since is not an SLR; it’s a Nicon Coolpix P90. I must tell you, though, that I am having fun with it 🙂


    1. You can get this effect with a dedicated macro lens. I used the EF100mm f/2.8 macro with focus point on BRUNEI and the extremely shallow Depth-of-Field produces this isolation effect. Yes, having an SLR gives you ultimate control esp if you shoot in Manual mode.


  5. i really proud of you, jan. you are kind and i would like to tell you that you are so meaningful people that Brunei didnt know how to bless all of your kindness. You just show to world how wonderful Brunei is. As you know, Brunei is not very popular country like the others but whatever it is im proud to be a Bruneian 🙂 a great thanks to you, jan. Brunei loves you.


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