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Read also The Canon Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home

A few days ago after returning from an assignment in the Philippines, I received this wonderful gift from a good friend. I think the size and the bee-to-honey colour made my wife lit up with enthusiasm as she started to have ideas what she could do with it. But putting her breakfast in The Five Million Dollar Home seems so wrong! Haha. This bag doesn’t work for my favourite body and lens combo—5D MkII with Grip and 70-200mm f/2.8 (don’t think an f/4 would fit either). It’s perfect for photographers who are light travelers with a prime and wide lens. By light, I mean a body without the battery grip would just make this bag an ideal companion. This is my first Crumpler bag and the smallest addition to the family of bags compared to the Lowepro Nova 5, Lowepro Mini Trekker and about 1/4 the capacity of the Lowepro Rolling CompuTrekker Plus AW.

In a world of wacky names, I give Crumpler full credit for their creativity. It’s not everyday you own a bag that makes you wanna swear! Pictured here is The Five Million Dollar Home by Crumpler and I’ve attached a Lowepro 1W pouch off it to accommodate another short lens to bring on the road.

So last week I took my camera along to The Mall Gadong because my wife wanted to shop with her sister, I checked out AV Electronics for the first time, loved the BOSE Around-ear Headsets very much and they had a good selection of Crumpler bags too (AV does not stock the Canon EOS Crumpler). Neither the Macs nor the Crumpler bags appealed to me as much as the headphones—think I know what’s on my shopping list next (my birthday is long over so I cannot pull that birthday-coming-up routine!) 🙂 So with a little RED inspiration, I took this picture outside of the Bose store.

Crumpler introduces the “Velcro Silencer” which essentially covers the velcro so you’re not the centre of attention in a quiet venue
The Five Million Dollar Home comes with two side gear loops to which two additional pouches may be attached.
One body and two short lenses for illustration purposes. You can also place a mounted body face down in the center and still have room for flash and another short lens.
My very first Canon EOS Crumpler item which I picked up in Singapore at Canon showroom, VivoCity. After taking a shot of the strap, Husini Bakar took it off my hands before I even thad a chance to hook it up to my 5D


    1. Apparently not. I would require at least the 6 Million Dollar Home if i wanted to stick a 70-200mm into one. The 5 Million has a H.7.87″ while the 6 Million H.9.45″ and the 7 Million H.11.02″. The Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8 stands at 8.5″ without the hood so I’m short by a Million Dollars to travel comfortably it seems! 😦


    2. I have the 7 million dollar and I can fit a 7D with a 70-200 F2.8 (hood reversed) down into the bag without any issues. The 6 can do it too, although the flap doesnt close too well. The 7, you will have no issues.

      My question now is, I want something smaller to just carry around my 7D with Battery Grip mounted with a 24-70mm f2.8, and a 550 ex flash with Omni bounce. Will the 5 million be able to handle this?


      1. The 5 Million would fit the 7D (without grip) with the 24-70 mounted (without hood or reversed hood) and with the two foam pad separators removed. For my own gear I only manage to slide in a mounted 5DII and 50mm f/1.4 with hood. Any thing else would probably go into the external pouch. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find a nice smallish pouch that can accommodate a gripped camera body.


        1. Thanks Jan, sorry for such a late response. I have given in my search for a small bag to fit a gripped body, which is probably better since this is for traveling. So to clarify, I probably can’t fit anything else in the bag with the lens attached and body faced down. But if i detach, I could probably squeeze a flash inside too? Thanks again for the help.


          1. I’ve just had a closer look at the “5 Million” and fitted a mounted 24-70 to an ungripped 20D body there is only about an inch space left inside. Your best bet if you have to have this bag consider attaching a side pouch that will take a Stofen mounted 550EX. I’m heading out to Singapore this weekend and I’m going with the 5DII, 24-70 and 50mm f/1.4 on the side pouch.


          2. Thanks Again Jan…I think the 7D and the 5DII are about the same size. The flash is not necessary, so I’m pretty sure the 5MDH will work. Thanks for the help.


          3. I forgot to mention that in order to fit the mounted 24-70mm lens, the hood has to be reverse fitted or removed in order to fit inside the bag. I tend to bring my lenses to work without their hood nowadays. For indoor work, hoods do not fit well in pouches and they make lens swaps that much more difficult. Thought you should know in case it was an important criterion.


  1. Jan, this bag will go well with the Crumpler strap I got off you. It should fit my current combi of 50D + 10-22mm + flash + 100mm and I can still attach the Lowepro pouch with my 28-300 to it if I want to. Oh, but it will then be heavy.

    Thanks for arranging for the bag. I look forward to receiving it.


  2. my current bag is only able catering for the body and a lens, put the EX580 or/and 70-200 in my handbag separately if I need to travel with all of them. yes, need to get a better protection for my assets 🙂


  3. The 5 Million Dollar Home now has a companion—the Canon Crumpler 6 Million Dollar Home. Finally, I have a Crumpler which accommodates my favourite lens, the EF70-200mm f/2.8 IS when stored vertically with hood detached. A picture of the “5” and “6” Millions Dollar Homes on my Facebook profile.


    1. Judging from your email address, you’re based in Hong Kong and I’m fairly sure the Canon Crumpler bags are available in a number of outlets. The Canon distributor in Brunei has stock but it wouldn’t make economic sense and trouble to get one sent over.


  4. Oh~~yes, i will be trouble to send to HK. Few days ago, i saw someone use this bag at the street in Hk. so i search online where i can buy. anyway, thanks for your help and hope HK Canon has stock later. ^o^~~


  5. Hey Jan! Do you know where I can buy these items? I saw the Crumpler website and found no Canon EOS strap nor bag there, just regular Crumpler items.


    1. You should check out stores where Canon merchandise is sold. In Singapore, for instance, the items are available at the Canon showroom at Vivo City shopping. All the best!


    1. When I visited a couple of years ago, they had Crumpler Canon neck strap in stock. I’m pretty sure they stock the bags as well—including the nice Canon DSLR and EF lens miniatures.


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