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I wonder how many of you shoppers in Brunei who regularly visit Supa Save Supermarket have noticed a world renowned designer brand sitting on the shelf completely unassuming next an everyday item? Yes, I’m referring to the Limited Edition Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier. I came across several rather dusty boxes at the Panaga outlet about a month ago  and it took me several Should I or Should I Not moments of indecision before I took the plunge  and brought the bottle home where it does absolutely nothing but look pretty next to my PC! 😛

But consider this–a regular 0.75L bottle normally costs B$2.70. This JPG designed bottle which is also 0.75L costs B$16.80—I know, we all just love to petty ourselves with our mathematical genius, don’t we? Anyhow, I just thought I would give this a mention (killing time while trying desperately to find inspiration to kick start my weekly Brunei Times columns) so anyone who likes JPG stuff can go grab theirs while stocks last! And please, don’t think and drive! 😉

I’m so NOT breaking this !!

Jean Paul Gaultier EVIAN Limited Edition
Jean Paul Gaultier EVIAN Limited Edition

The JPG Evian bottle adds to my collection of Absolut Vodka bottles incl. the Limited Edition Disco.

With giant crystals revealing a shimmering gown, oversized letters generously enveloping the bottle, and a play on transparency and optical illusions…this special edition Evian bottle offers an extravagant celebration of the simplicity of pure beauty. Magnified by a unique colour so very much his own, the majestic blue that offers a subtle reminder of a famous mariniere, the Evian Prêt-à-Porter version by Jean Paul Gaultier is already widely coveted and will soon be gracing every table.To be appreciated alone or as a pair, these playful and lively objects emphasize the clearness of the meeting between the designer and his source of inspiration, Evian natural spring water. Individual 750ml glass bottle.

Discover more about Evian by Jean Paul Gaultier at Evian Jean Paul Gaultier

About Evian Natural Spring Water
Bottled since 1826, Evian Natural Spring Water is the world’s #1 brand of premium natural spring water. Every drop of Evian takes over 15 years to filter through mineral rich glacial sands in the pristine French Alps. Bottled at the source in a state of the art facility, Evian comes from the Cachat Spring located on the Southern shore of Lake Geneva, in the town of Evian-les-Bains. Evian provides a uniquely balanced mineral composition and subtle flavor as a product of its unhurried journey.

Today, Evian is a brand of the Danone Group, a leader in the food industry and number one by volume in the world for packaged water and dairy products. Evian first entered the U.S. market in 1978, where it was served in the finest bars and restaurants in distinctive glass bottles, and is now accepted as the most premium natural spring water for those, including many of Hollywood’s elite, who like to treat themselves to the very best.


  1. Sorry. Pls say no to plastic water bottles. Plastics contribute huge landfill of container wastes to mother earth! 🙂


    1. Roger that, Go Green Brunei Supporter!

      Though the regular Evian bottles are plastic, this limited edition collectible is made of glass. While we’re saying NO to plastic bottles, say NO also to shark fin soups which are normally served in plastic bowls and not only do shark fins contain zero nutritional value, the soup contains more m.s.g. than good! SAVE THE SHARKS. STOP SHARK FINNING.


  2. Never noticed these – maybe because I rarely pass by the drinks aisle. Next time I go over, I’ll look for them – just to see the kind of things some “lucky” people will pay precious money for 😀


    1. When you do pass by next time, please do not print a copy of this picture and carry around like a mug shot. Chances are the bottles are stored inside their not-so-glam looking box. Besides, we don’t have f/2.8 macro eyesight 🙂


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