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Jan Shim loves to share the work he’s doing as well as his other thoughts. I love to read them over at Shimworld. Some of the best food photography sure to make you quit your diet. Darn him! — Damien Franco

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This article was supposed to have been published earlier considering the food Caroline and I ate @ RMS Diner had digested some light years ago. But hey, some things are meant to be late not by choice but by fate. And what better timing and opportunity than having this published on the eve of  the holy fasting month. Hence the title “Break fast”. Anyone who hasn’t yet set foot inside RMS Diner should give it a try especially if Western dining is your preference: burgers, fries, beef ribs, lamb shank, that sort of thing not that their western themed uniforms didn’t already give you hint. One word of advice though (if you’re an out of towner like me) pick up the phone and make a reservation to avoid disappointment. You can find their numbers at the RMS Diner and Zaika official opening post. I have had to walk away on a number of occasions because there were no available tables.

Western themed RMS Diner a popular hang out for the Belait local and expatriate community
A staff at RMS Diner in checkered uniform smooths out the froth on a drink behind the bar counter
Behind the bar counter is where the drinks are made including this popular order of Teh Tarek
Crispy and crunchy fried onion rings to start kick start an afternoon obsession with food. I used to think that onion rings are an easy enough dish to whip up until I came across an awful serving at Country Patch in BSB. This experience nearly ruined my wife's first impression of the cafe until we revisited for their delightful breakfast. Since then, anyone who make delicious rings gets my vote!
Burgers and fries the king of all fast food and unsurprsingly also Jamie's favourite although when he's at Fratini's he usually just prefers Spaghetti Bolognese but occasionally asks for a basket of fries.
The Margherita. My favourite drink for days I needed Sodium supplement and Alkalinity in my diet. The annoying thing about this drink is how the ice constantly gets in the way when you take a sip. 🙂
Steaming hot seafood chowder that's distinctively delicious and creamy. Shame they don't serve Minestrone soup that's a big favourite on a typical American menu.
Between our sampling of beef ribs and lamb shanks we had each of the single large chunk carved into smaller pieces so it's less intimidating.
Belgian Waffle served with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate dressing made this the ultimate dessert on a hot day along with a glass of Margherita of course.
Other than their obvious use, toothpicks are ideal and socially acceptable for picking up meal items where chopsticks or forks may not be the appropriate choice. What's not obvious until now is that toothpicks can be art pieces too 🙂

5 thoughts on “WESTERN INFLUENCES”

  1. Yes, Jan, you are right, packed nightly since their opening. Last night, Zaika was full so we had our North Indian dinner served in RMS. I give it a 9/10 rating for food, service and ambience. The demerit point goes to `difficult to get a table’ 🙂


  2. like the Margherita shot and is one of my favorite drink too.

    This restaurant has been added into my “must-go” list when I visit BN 😀


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