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The Brunei International Defence Exhibition (BRIDEX) is the premier defence & security event in South East Asia. It brings together the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of defence & security equipment and systems from across the entire supply chain, and high level international government and defence & security officials, providing them with a unique experience in business facilitation.

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Royal families visit as BRIDEX opens to public
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Royal Brunei Armed Forces 48th Anniversary

As the event is open to the public today and tomorrow (Aug 14 and 15, respectively), here are some tips to help you get the most of your time in the sun (and quite possibly sand in your face and lenses) All images you see below were shot with just one lens: EF70-200 mm on EOS 5D Mk II. While the F16 and Sukhoi required a balance of fast shutter speeds and good hand-holding skill, helicopters on the other hand require a much slower shutter speed. Set your dSLR to Tv mode and lock shutter speed to 1/100β€”1/125 to give the blades a sense of motion. The EF100-400mm would have brought me a lot nearer to the action but two reasons I thought changed my mind: Image Quality and dust. Remember to have fun!


35 thoughts on “BRIDEX 2009 THE ART OF WAR

  1. If I didn’t know you better, I’d think that jet and moon shot was superimposed πŸ˜€ Too bad you didn’t get the Brunei flag inside the frame as well. That would definitely make it THE shot of the whole event.


  2. Jan, my name is Mej Azman Jantan and I am one of the pilot for the RMAF Su-30MKM doing the display that you so spectacularly captured on your lens. Is it at all possible for you to allow me access to the Su-30MKM photos that you took during BRIDEX. pls contact me on my email for further information. Tq. For confirmation that I am one of the pilot, you can look me up in my facebook.


      1. Jan, so sorry to bother you but apparently I did not receive the mail as described. If its not too much trouble for you may I humbly request again access to the said photos via my email. Thanks


  3. All of these pictures are really great, but the color in the helicopter pictures is jaw droppingly awesome. You really are a stunning photographer. Bravo!


  4. Thank you everyone!

    I imagine if I had access to a prime EF400mm f/2.8 or a EF600mm f/4 lens I might be able to catch the pilot waving at the spectators. Someday perhaps if the defence budget includes the purchase of such a lens which I could borrow for BRIDEX 2011 πŸ™‚ Seriously though, the weight of the primes would hinder any form of creative freedom to track the aircraft-in-flight! At the expense of slight image quality degradation, I think the EF100-400mm would be a better alternative except that once should avoid “pumping” the lens to avoid sucking in excessive dust and sand from the water front.

    I also posted these pictures in the Singapore ClubSnap Forum.

    I would love to be invited to photograph more of these amazing aircraft both on the ground and in the air.



  5. can’t really find a word to express my feeling…truly excellent and professional presentation too. love the landing one and its color composition.


    1. The colour effects of the Black Hawk photos are a result of watching a lot of TV. Someone recently asked me what my source of inspiration and ideas is and I said TV. Anyone who’s a fan of CSI Miami would immediately see the similarity in the use of two very effective colour tone for the helicopter pictures. Cinematic effects cost a lot of money to produce and the Director of Photography has an critical role in determining the mood of the film. We can definitely learn a thing or two from their expertise.


        1. Hi, there isn’t going to be one in 2010. The event is held once every 2 years (bummer, huh?) so the next event is in 2011. In fact the organizers are so excited about the next event that they already have the Bridex 2011 official website to get you started.


          1. Jan, ingSiang

            Thanks for the heads up about Bridex and the website.

            I was reading the caption “BRIDEX 2010 PROMISES TO BE BETTER, BIGGER” from the Brunei Times.

            Hope to make it for Bridex 2011.

            Many thanks.


        2. According to the newspaper, the next BRIDEX (BRIDEX 2011) will be held alongside the Golden anniversary of Royal Brunei Armed Forces (31st May 2011).

          However, some people told me that it will be held in July, instead of May, as reported. So, it’s best for you to check out Bridex 2011 periodically.


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