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There is a saying, “To give is to receive.” I cannot think of anything more appropriate, more relevant and more meaningful than the gift of donating blood—the gift of life! I quote from an earlier post World Blood Donor Day

Voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors (hereafter referred to as voluntary blood donors, or simply vnrbd) are the lifeblood of a community and are considered to be the source of the safest blood and blood products for patients. Their donation is an altruistic gift and NOT a marketable commodity. This places them in a unique position, demanding special respect and care; it also places a responsibility on all involved in public health care to treat voluntary blood donors as VIPs. And hence World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) has been established to celebrate and thank voluntary blood donors for their gift of life.

bt-champtech-blooddonation↑ click on image to enlarge
Read this story on BT Online

On 31 July 2009 I covered an blood donation campaign at Champion Technologies in Seria on behalf of The Brunei Times and little did I realize I too became a part of the company’s statistics in donating blood. It was an opportunity I could not turn down consider ing it was a right thing to do and I am not afraid of needles.

The campaign was one of a number of efforts to celebrate the company’s one year anniversary come September 2009 by giving something back to the community. I had an opportunity to get acquainted with the team from the Dept of Laboratory Services of Suri Seri Begawan hospital in Kuala Belait. Well done guys!

An appropriately themed Champion Technologies key chain as door gift
Accu-Check kit to prick the finger for blood sample
Blood sample to determine donor's suitability (haemoglobin level) to donate.
Determining the haemoglobin level of a donor from a blood sample. If the blob of blood sample sinks to the bottom of the beaker that's a sign the donor is good to go.
Contract Manager SERGE IKINK of Champion Technologies gets his blood pressure checked
It's said that you can't get blood out of stone. No one thought it wouldn't be possible to get blood from squeezing wood
"KB" denotes Kuala Belait where Suri Seri Begawan hospital is located
A laboratory personnel checks the blood bag. Being my first time, I was surprised just how short a time it took to fill up one bag. Understandably, I felt noticeably weak afterwards especially the next day.
Ministry of Health personnel monitoring the blood pressure of a donor
I understand that sometimes squeeze balls are used instead of wood. Either way the bag fills up quicker when more pressure is applied.
Tubes of blood are sealed to be used later for cross matching purposes
A closer view of the Tube Sealer in action
Norhayati is all smiles when it came to doing what's good for her and for the community.
Mrs Ikink pumps up the volume as Serge urges on in support.


    1. All blood donations are officially documented so I don’t necessarily require a photo “for the record”. It was such a spur of the moment thing when Serge prompted me to join them seeing that we had one thing in common—it’s Champions Technologies first blood donation effort and happens to be my first too!


  1. a very meaningful activity for all people in all nation on earth, thanks for covering it!

    you’re always keeping me informed of the current news of your beautiful country without leaving my home XD


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