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The Water Village of Brunei Darussalam
Though this has nothing to do with this Photo Walk, I thought it would be interesting to share a this panoramic shot of the water village I recently produced. Check out the super wide Kampong Ayer panoramic image of our national heritage. In full resolution this prints to 12 inches high by 10 feet wide! Anyone who’s interested in a print, please let me know. Someone suggested that this would look great at the arrival hall of the international airport!

Thank you SCOTT KELBY and walk leader HM YUSOF!


Last year Photoshop guru Scott Kelby thought it would be fun to get photographers out from behind their computers onto the streets, mingling with other like-minded camera buffs in unison on a worldwide “Photo Walk.”

He got 8,000 walkers in 236 cities — a great showing — and many calls for a sequel. So this Saturday, some 27,000 walkers in 914 cities will be out in force, snapping away as they cruise the streets of everywhere from Los Angeles and New York to Eureka Springs, Arkansas; Salmon, Idaho and Deadwood, South Dakota.

Local leaders assign photo projects along the way (photographing local sites). The photos get submitted into an online pool, to qualify for many prizes. — USA Today Blog

Some of you who follow my Twitter may have seen some of the images from the walk posted on Twitpic and the odd few cross posted on Facebook. Those who are neither on Twitter or Facebook can check out the pictures below which are more or less the same ones except these ones are captioned. The captions will be added later after I return from the morning after coffee with some of my classmates from The Class of May 2009. More pictures by AnakBrunei.

Looking at the images, I have shortlisted 4. The Photo Walk competition limits submission to just two. Wonder which of the three should I enter. What do you think?

Tugu Cendera Kenangan starting point of the Kuala Belait Photo Walk

HM Yusof our leader talking the walk in an interview with RTB

Relaxed and easy going participants getting ready for the walk

Sheikh Halid owner of Seri Kandi Restaurant, the end point of the 2-hour 4.3-Km walk. In his glasses are Yusof, AnakBrunei and fellow walkers performing the morning prayers.

AnakBrunei having a chat with RTB journalist before the walk commences

The walk commences from Tugu monument towards Kuala Belait town.

Three walkers donning Brunei Forever Forum tees making a quick stop

(Fav 1) Yusof stops to chat with RTB journalist giving me an opportunity to catch this reflection on the other side of the car mirror

(Fav 2) Sheikh Halid en route Jalan Pretty the street that's synonymous to Kuala Belait. I'm curious how this street got its name. Anyone?

The Kuala Belait walkers adhere to road safety crossing to Jalan Pretty

A foreign worker on bench engages in a conversation with a street cleaner

(Fav 3) An indian shop owner hangs up a several pieces of canvas in front of his store to cut off the morning glare

"The more you look at the world, the more you recognise how people value things differently."Photography certainly lives up to this HSBC campaign in more ways than one and this Photo Walk attests to it.

The odd one out, a participant rides his way from start to finish. I hope Yusof is subscribed to an Unlimited Plan. I lost count how many times he's on the phone :)

KB One. I wonder if this is the very first resident in Kuala Belait to be numbered. Anyone?

A panning shot of an LG lawn tractor. The driver is going fairly fast to get this effect

Right before the corner of Jalan Maharaja Anakanda a woman burns leaves and twigs

A boy innocently places an empty mineral water bottle to the burning heap

(Fav 4) This is one of my favourite shots of the day.


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  2. oh wow! All of the pictures look superbly taken! I like the Indian Shop owner one and the last one!!! =D Something about making them black and white look awfully stunning~ =D The open burning ones only made me angry. hahaha. xP


  3. Jan, u know which one I’ll go for but the other 3 are equally outstanding. Tough decision but good luck. I cannot upload anything to the Worldwide Photowalk site so far due to technical problem. The “Media” button does not even show on the dashboard when I log in. HM Yusof trying to help me out with the organisers.


    • Thanks Husini for the vote!

      I checked out the “Media” button and it worked ok for me although I’m not quite ready to upload the pictures yet. The uploader is Flash-based, same one used by WordPress blogs. The only thing I suggest checking is that your browser’s Flash player is updated. If this doesn’t work on your Mac’s browser, try a PC which uses IE or Firefox. Good luck.

      Take a look at this WordPress Forum post. You are not alone!


  4. The last picture, were those trees with the pink blossoms, like some we saw in BSB? If so, how’s the picture in colour?


    • No pink blossoms here just a row of vintage trees whose age is probably older than our combined. I noticed the blossoms in BSB and thought there were a nice sight—for a moment made brought me to Japan. But only for a moment — the bubble burst when the traffic lights turned green and the vehicle behind me honked! :)


  5. my votes go to :-
    1. & 19. – no hestitation because they are very outstanding!
    15 or 16. – have been struggling between them, like the simplicity in 15 and the movement in 16.

    very hard to choose 3 over the others!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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