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An e-poster of the BRITAIN BRUNEI RUNNING FESTIVAL 2009 event here.

I wonder if this is an anniversary event as I hadn’t heard of it previously. It was also last Saturday and in my home town where it was organized. In the same afternoon, I also had an invite to the Canada Day celebration at the Sheraton Hotel. Between wearing a suit and a rather long commute (and appearing on national TV) vs a hot sweaty and casual afternoon, I chose the latter 🙂 More photos from the event by Gavin.

One of a number of sponge bath volunteers
An event for all ages, adults lead by example how they can have good, clean fun with sponges and buckets full of water on a hot sunny afternoon
It’s one thing to be sitting duck. It’s quite another to stare squarely at the wet missiles.
WHOA! What kid would pass up a chance to get even by punishing the adults in public? The proof is in the boy’s grin 🙂
Captured this with the Canon 5DII—not exactly known for its frames per second capability but freezing the water droplets and sponge makes this picture rather interesting.
More volunteers from the British Garrison given a sponge bath. I think it was actually enjoyable considering how hot the afternoon was.
Easily one of the busiest aftermath pictures in this series!
At the start of the race. The leading runner ran as though he was in a 100 meters sprint. I ran to the nearest coffee shop shortly after the event!
“A running event for all” is the slogan for the 2009 Britain Brunei Running Festival in Seria
I think the headless composition makes a good stock photograph.
Clearly a show stopper but what do you call someone who crosses the finishing line on his hands instead of his legs?
Spiral pattern from a fire hose captured with high enough shutter speed if you don’t mind being sprayed on. The shower service at the finish line was provided by our local fire department
Thumbs up from a veteran runner. I would have happily given up the camera to be in his shoes but I don’t trust anyone to look after my gear 🙂


    1. Thanks Nick.

      That was the intention — no model release and stock images that are “instantly” available for use. It’s disappointing and disheartening to read on forums how some developed markets consider street photography a matter of paranoia. Thank goodness this isn’t the case here in the Abode of Peace.


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