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Dumpling Festival or Duan Wu Jie is a widely celebrated festival among the Chinese community around the world. It is to remember and pay respect to the patriotic poet, Qu Yuan. One of a number of versions of The Dumpling Festival story goes like this:

“In the Kingdom of Chu in ancient China, Qu Yuan was an important minister. He loved his country greatly and is well known for his loyalty towards the emperor of Chu. However, the emperor of Chu had not taken Qu Yuan’s advice seriously and made Quan Yuan an exile of the Kingdom of Chu. The emperor of Chu eventually got himself trapped and captured in a foreign land by his enemies, which eventually led to his death. Sad and angry at the corrupted, dying Kingdom, Qu Yuan threw himself into the River of Mi Luo. The people then made rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves and threw them into the river. They believed this would stop the fish from feeding on Qu Yuan’s body . Some would even row down stream in a boat, beating drums and shouting out loud in hope to scare the fish away (it was believed that it is how the Dragon Boat event is related to the festival)

Since then, the Duan Wu Festival is set on the 5th day of the 5th month annually to remember the incident. Although there were many versions of legends and stories  that indicate Duan Wu existed way before Qu Yuan’s death, the tradition still carries on.”

Whatever the belief, thankfully our generation of beach goers believe in having fun instead of chucking dumplings into the sea! This isn’t to say that they’ve forgotten about the tradition. Far from that in fact when it came to carrying out tradition year after year, die hard politically correct beach goers worked up an appetite to chuck their friends into the sea instead! They know not to waste delicious dumplings or be completely inconsiderate and pollute the water.










→ <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>DUMPLING FESTIVAL. AN ANNUAL BREEZE.</a>→ <a href=”; rel=”nofollow”>DUMPLING FESTIVAL. A BIG DAY OUT.</a>

26 thoughts on “DUMPLING FESTIVAL 2009

    1. Not only do I not have pictures of dumplings this time but I’ve also not eaten any. Dumplings are no longer items of exclusivity and have in recent times become more iconic than something I look forward to eating. Having said that, I do fancy the curry flavoured ones that are sometimes available in Seria.


  1. lol i don’t know why i was expecting to see images of actual dumplings. These pictures are pretty cool, i especially like the one with the couples walking hand in hand and the two last images. Looks like it was a fun filled day, keep up the good work Jan.


  2. Good intro to the Bak Chang Festival whcih many are still ignorant about. We read about it in our primary school Chinese text book.

    Great Sunset Shilouette pics.


  3. By the way, Jan, welcome back into action with this Bak Chang festival as the kick-start. All the best in you recent exam.

    We get bak Chang all year-round, so it’s not surprising that you don’t get to eat one now. Brunei (and north Borneo) version of Bak chang has chopped peanut which is an acquired taste. You don’t find this in Spore or West Malaysia.


    1. Appreciate the good luck wish.

      It is because we get dumpling all year round that the thought of throwing them into the river or sea never crosses our mind. Besides, we’re also not a society associated with poetry either so either way there’s no way we’re wasting good food.


    1. What luck! Now that you’ve seen the pictures from my private collection and the effect they have on you, you know very well why I cannot showcase them here even though they’re photographed in a very public place. It’s morally wrong to show pictures that I know well mess with people’s heads. 🙂


  4. why waste good dumplings, it is definitely a good idea to throw friends, heheh then you know the good ones come back and throw u in too *giggles*


  5. OMG, I missed those time when i were playing at the beach at dumpling festival. actually, I was searching these pictures and i knew that you will post it. thanks alot. nice shot


    1. You’re welcome. Which picture are you referring to?

      I also received an email from a “Gen”. Someday we’d all be walking down memory lane from these pictures including me and my kids (my daughter pictured with the shovel)

      hi, wonderful photos! studied in seria (st.angela’s) til 1986 and i remembered seria beach through your pictures…


    1. Hey Just A Visitor,

      My friend Jan looks Chinese but he is not. So he asked me for a favour to answer your query. By the way, dumpling festival in Chinese is called 端午节. Trust me, This is not a direct translation. There is story behind it…like my friend Jan will say “go Google it” and you might be able to find out more hahaha!!!

      By the way, Jan knows 28 other languages except Chinese 🙂

      Good day Mate!


  6. was reffering to picture no. 1 2 3 n d 6th foto =) haha dat’s us chucking each other into water =D n throwing sandballs at each other..


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