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The Class of May 2009 officially ended yesterday after the big exam followed by our own ceremonial lunch at I-Lotus with feverish exchange of phones numbers and email addresses. Understandably, after 6 weeks of feeding on 3-in-1 coffee and cereal packs, High Iron biscuits, and delicious Panggang, a bond that’s just shy of super glue had formed between the 50 or so classmates!  This is one school that had united residents from 3 districts together under one roof day after day, night after night—like no other!

The Class of May 2009 Group Photo @ The Royal Regalia

In that time, the class also visited The Royal Regalia Building which houses a large number of the Royal Regalia that dates back several generations. What you see posted below are just the tip of the ice berg  as the journey takes you down the memory lane of  Sultanate’s rich history including gifts to His Majesty from state dignitaries kept exclusively for our eyes only (strictly no photography allowed beyond the main Regalia entrance).  My journey here here  starts with a string of traditional light bulbs now lit by present day fluorescent technology. Much like these lights, the Royal Regalia is filled with history housed in modern day architecture.

13 thoughts on “THE ROYAL REGALIA

    1. Hi there! Most of the images were captured on my favourite lens the 70-200mm and the obvious ultrawide on the 17-40mm. A case of same gear different venue except that this time it was done with great admiration for our history. Glad you enjoyed them.

      Sent from mobile in Singapore


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