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In my home, all PCs are still connected to the internet via good old Cat 5 Ethernet cable and connected to my working PC are eight hard drives—3 on SATA, 3 on USB 2.0 and remaining 2 on Firewire. The only devices connect to the web wirelessly are the laptops and our Nokia E71. This isn’t news and I’ll venture a guess that most homes in Brunei (and many parts of the world) share similar connectivity topology too. The word Tether carries two meanings: As a verb, tie (an animal) with a rope so as to restrict its movement. As a noun, a rope or chain used to tether an animal. I first came across this word in photography (not a subject that’s widely discussed) when I was researching ways to enhance the photography experience for my client. One such application of a tethered setup was the Excapade Sushi photo shoot from two years back.


We had a large number of small and large menu items to go through in a short time and had planned the shoot to span three weekends (each weekend taking just 3 hours). I knew for a fact that there would be some ridiculous amount of time wasted if my clients only got to see the shots at the end of each day and if they weren’t happy with any one of the pictures, a re-shoot would not only be time consuming but also unproductive. So I looked into the possibility of tethering my EOS 5D then to my Dell laptop using what I think was 2 to 3 metres USB cable. The setup was crude—instead of a properly made USB cable, I had joined 3 USB cables together and I was surprised it even worked. But that was then.

Taking the same idea I used successfully, I added more USB cables and got a combined length of slightly over 5 metres and delighted to discover that it worked. Since then, I had a computer supplier bring in a one piece (in black) USB 2.0 cable that measures exactly 5 metres. Anyone who owns an EOS 5D Mark II would be happy to know that you can tether that BEAST (really, the 5DII is a different sort of animal) to your laptop or PC and best part of all, you can run Live View on both the camera and PC simultanously including live HD video streaming! Like any tethered setup, you have control over the camera remotely via the supplied Canon software. Those of you who may have complained why the EOS 5D doesn’t come with a mouse, it now does 🙂

23 thoughts on “TETHERING THE EOS 5D MARK II

    1. Like adding water to instant noodles, all you require to make this
      work is to install the Canon software from the supplied CD, notably
      ZoomBrowser EX and EOS Utility. Not forgetting the USB cable of
      course. Once the photos are captured be it in RAW or JPEG, the
      software expects you to have Canon Digital Photo Professional
      installed for editing. However you may choose to use a different
      software by customizing it in EOS Utility to launch your favourite
      photo editor.


      1. Yup…Got it, tried it last nyte, tethered it directly with aperture and auto import it to lightroom. I guess it’s time for adobe to have this function in their next release 🙂 Thanx…


  1. Oh awesome!
    I did use the USB cable last time to hook up my 350D to my PC in order for me to view my shots directly on a large screen during product shoots. Yes, the cable was too short. Thanks for the info Jan. I’ll be getting the a longer cable soon! Now i can roam around when shooting models too in my small studio and view it LARGE right during the shoot! 😀

    By the way, it should work with the 5D classic too, ya? 😀


    1. Tethering has been around for a while and yes it works with the 5D too. The Excapade Sushi example references my previous 5D and yes, it’s really convenient and productive when the client reviews the images on a 15/17 inch LCD and gives the thumbs up right there and then.

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      Subject: [SHIMWORLD] Comment: “TETHERING THE EOS 5D MARK II”


  2. Hello there jan shim, i’m planning to get a 5D..which 1 should i go for 5D or 5D mark II? need ur Opinion SIFU..hehe 🙂 very nice (ah boy) wedding pics…


    1. This isn’t a difficult question to answer. The 5D MKII is technologically a better camera from whichever angle you look at it. If you can afford one then go for it but please do not take out a huge loan to get one. Also, the cost of a camera body isn’t as costly compared to the total costs of professional grade lenses.


      1. hehe…long time liao i target the 5D mark II…enough budget n i will take it..hehe thankz jan shim for the opinion…btw where can i find pocket wizard at brunei?how much does it really cost? 🙂


        1. If you wait a little longer, maybe you’ll see the 5D Mk IIn or Mk III. They say patience is a virtue … true or not is really up to you, personally. If you had gone through what I went through these past 6 weeks, you’ll learn (as many had) to be patient and develop new levels of understanding but that’s another story altogether. Pocket Wizards are not sold here in Brunei as far as I know. If they were and reasonably priced I would in all honesty had bought them here (I’m not only a professional photographer by virtue of being full time but I’m also very much PRO local buying and buying from the right source).

          I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of buying from an official distributor such as Interhouse Company for all your Canon products. It’s really a fine balance between getting your items really cheap overseas and accepting all risks that they will not fail versus getting the support I need in the event of equipment failure. Interhouse has time again proven their commitment to their customer in ways that had convinced me once and for all to buy local (local prices and understandably higher than if compared to Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong!


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    1. Is it possible to record Video on the EOS 5 D Mark ii, directly to a PC via USB cable?
      The documentation states this is possible, but I cannot figure out how to do this using the EOS Utility.
      If this is possible, can you describe a walk thru.

      i.e. I want to be able to record a series of 4gb video files directly onto my PC, to avoid filling the memory card.


      1. Hey Robert did you ever get a reply to this question? I am trying to set this up on my 5D MkII right now. it allows me to shoot stills remotely through the EOS utility and save them directly to my laptop but as soon as I choose live view to start shooting video I can only save to the card! Like you, I have seen in the documentation that it’s possible and wonder if it’s becasue the USB connection would be too slow to keep up with the transfer rate.


        1. Have either of you gotten a response or found away to record video directly to a computer bypassing the CF card? Documentation on the Canon website specifically says that it CAN be done, but i spoke with 2 Canon tech people and neither was able to get it to work….

          We only shoot short (30 sec) videos in SD so the files are small and should be easy to transfer – they are actually smaller than the jpgs that we typically shoot.

          any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


          1. I don’t usually shoot video (not my thing) but I was curious about your question. I hooked up a 5D Mark II without a CF card, launched EOS Utility app and there’s a message in the Live View window, “Shooting video requires a memory card in the camera.”


  4. thank you, I have read so many bad reviews of the wireless remote system …even with a tech person there…I am so glad to know i can tether this new little sports car without too much trouble….I have been using the old Mark II 1Ds for years and have gotten use to the problem of people tripping over the cord but it seems much faster than any set up i’ve seen so far…I think I will buy the camera in the morning as it is 5:30 am now …been up all night doing my research and was so lucky to find your site….thank you again for your wise advise…make good days….from Alabama,…USA…Oh yes, election day is just hours away…..hang on…as I have said from the 60’s…the whole world is watching……


  5. One last thing….I make Sushi…and I buy Sushi…as I am a food photographer….just because I can make it does not always mean the best deal of the day is do so…….Pocket wizards are a must…. I have bags full of them…our adult lives are summed up in just several minutes……1/30th of a second at a time….


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