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The town of Kuala Belait and Seria may be just 20-30 minutes away but when you’re hungry and happen to be craving some Italian food right in (Seria) town, it’s just minutes (not miles) away. There is something about fine dining being so close to home that I just cannot seem to stop talking about lately.

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FANS of Fratini’s Restaurant in the Belait District just can’t get enough of its delectable pizzas and pasta with its well-established outlet in Kuala Belait and a few weeks ago, the restaurant chain finally opened another outlet in Seria.

The new 26-seat outlet is accentuated by the brand’s new look with rich hues in the wood finishings and combination of sofa tables and normal table seating. The result spells cosy with a big plus.

This is like a haven for family and friends, and you would be in the company of other fellow members of the Seria and even Kuala Belait community and their friends from Bandar Seri Begawan or beyond.

Step into this new outlet and be greeted by the charming staff who are knowledgeable on what to eat and drink, and will often advise you if you are not sure of the termsala Italiano. But of course, the menu is quite friendly and contains descriptions of each food in the menu.

— Caroline Ang | The Brunei Times  [Images from FRATINI SERIA CLOSER TO HOME]


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