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What containers do coffee shops in your country use for take out coffee? Feel free to share your experience and observation even if you’re not a coffee drinker.

Coffee in a bottle? You have to take some pics of that. Here in Singapore, takeaway coffee shop coffee comes in a clear plastic bag, with a straw. I think they used to serve it in condensed milk tins… interesting to see how other countries package takeaway their coffee — Pingo

Free parking Sundays are a good thing, in my opinion. For years, Seria town had had Mondays as the free parking day of the week but since the recently introduction of Prepaid Parking Coupons on April 1, 2009 (I don’t think the date coinciding with April’s Fool had anyone laughing at the inconvenience of a new parking system). I’ve never let $0.50 cents per 30 minutes parking deter me from going out but prepaid coupons also introduces the element of fines but that’s another story! Free parking Sundays, on the other hand, encourage people to go out more and we had breakfast at one of our regular haunts—Soi Heng Coffee Shop. It was also a perfect opportunity to satisfy Pingo’s curiosity. Hot delicious local coffee served in plastic bag and a straw is just wrong! 🙂

p.s. You may have noticed that I sometimes spell Soi Heng as Soi Hing and vice versa. You may have also noticed from this post that their present signage says Soi Heng so they are one of the same and I use them interchangeably in my posts: WOKS OF LIFE | VERY DELICIOUS. VERY ASIAN | AN OIL TOWN LEGACY. SOI HENG COFFEE SHOP



Size of bottle used depends on your order. All sorts of bottles are recycled for such purpose.

3 thoughts on “COFFEE IN A BOTTLE

    1. There is a reason it’s called take out or in a more local term “ta pao” — to drink later by which time the coffee will no longer be hot. Sometimes I sneak a few bottles of coffee into our regular badminton court. Since we’re not exactly in the right dress code to hit the coffee shops immediate after a sweaty and exhausting game, we bring the coffee shop to the court where during an intermission we have our ‘cafe’ moments there and then.


  1. Lol thanks Jan for satisfying my curiousity.

    That really looks like a beer bottle. It would be quite funny seeing people in the morning taking swigs from these bottles!


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