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When was the last time you felt really low and dozens of people in your life tried lifting your spirits but only to be let down again and again (and again)? We all have our moments one time or another and the brilliant folks at Despair, Inc have the ultimate collection of demotivational posters that put our misery to shame. For some twisted reason I cannot explain, I’m feeling highly motivated (just look at those great images) 🙂

MOTIVATION. Psychology tells us that motivation- true, lasting motivation- can only come from within. Common sense tells us it can’t be manufactured or productized. So how is it that a multi-billion dollar industry thrives through the sale of motivational commodities and services? Because, in our world of instant gratification, people desperately want to believe that there are simple solutions to complex problems. And when desperation has disposable income, market opportunities abound.

AT DESPAIR, INC., we believe motivational products create unrealistic expectations, raising hopes only to dash them. That’s why we created our soul-crushingly depressing Demotivators® designs, so you can skip the delusions that motivational products induce and head straight for the disappointments that follow! — DESPAIR, INC

All images © Despair, Inc. All rights reserved.

12 thoughts on “BECAUSE LIFE SUCKS :(

  1. good one jan, it does have a twisted way of making you feel better about your problems. and posting this is a better time than any, life sucks but i love it :-D.


  2. “PRESSURE” is pretty true about our everyday life..

    And PERSISTENCE would have been very appropriate for Feb 14 and then followed by SANITY afterwards! 🙂

    Thank you for visiting.


  3. Happy Feb 23! I always think secrets to success is changing your mindsets…from negative to positive… understanding the TIMES… increasing capability… dwell with wisdom and prudence…discipline of digging in (working at it) and with divine connection… and concluding with DARE to believe


  4. “Problems” is the most appropriate one for my situation currently. I kept running around my concerns/hesitation before I can able to make a “right” decision. But who can tell if my decision is right or wrong?!


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