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G O N G  X I  F A  C A I   2 0 0 9

A year ago, I took the kids to their school where the traditional lion awakening ceremony took place. This year I missed it  for a number of good reasons—the lamest one of all is I didn’t hear about it taking place from anyone and when someone (who shall remain anonymous) did bother to tell me, it was kinda late. Tonight, however, we went for a drive around town to check out the illumination of the lanterns right after our reunion dinner. I had for a number of Chinese New Years now wanted to capture the night lights especially one of the lanterns and an old wooden house. I did just that tonight in spite of the rain.


Last year, our new year celebrations ended with a bang as we held up a really long string of fire crackers and watched them explode and disappear very quickly. However much it cost, that quickly went up in smoke too! I liked the shot very much and as the timing of the full moon bears much significant to this cultural tradition and a hint of the lantern just completed the picture. Of course the remnants from the firecrackers debris added too the atmosphere. I am not certain if I can do a better this year considering just how wet it’s been lately, we would be very fortunate to have good weather to even let us light some up!

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. While we are celebrating, being grateful for all they good things we have and basking in the warmth of our loved ones, let us do one more thing.

    Please pray for a lady, her 3 children, her husband and their parents. Remember to also pass the requests around to all your friends and through your blog.

    Thank you and ‘Gong Xi Fatt Cai’!.

    The Ox year is upon us may this rushing bull be in a great hurry to rush all the good health, happiness, harmony, joy and warmth into your household.


  2. As always… another mesmerizing shot … love the lanterns & the old window frames ! Fireworks also… another shot to explore… Wishing u the best of the best & lookin forward to more inspiration from the guru…
    BTW, in sanskrit… “gu” means “the dark” & “ru” means “light” so a guru takes one from the dark to the light… very apt for a photographer where light & dark makes the picture… !


  3. Hi Jan ,`Gong Xi, Gong Xi’, wishing you and family a happy, healthy and wealthy new year! Fireworek display in KB area wasn’t as spectacular as in the past due to the rain. However, we managed to have random view in our neighbourhood.


  4. Jan,

    Love the “reflection” of the the lanterns.
    新牛年快樂…身體健康…..Translating it for you….
    Happy New ‘OX’ Year & Best of health. Be healthy.
    Great that I’d listen to your advise, as from Violette comment “wasn’t spectacular….due to the rain”. Cheers


  5. It was really invigorating this CNY to see that people fire up the fireworks despite the downpour… Yay! It’s the great spirit of letting no one or nothing rain on their parade. Beautiful pictures, took my breath away xx


  6. ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai!’

    I like to wish again to you and your family a prosperous New Year and hope the new year will bring you joy and more of your inspiring pictures to us all!


  7. Thanks everyone for the greetings and wishes. I hope all of you had a good festive holiday. Holidays are just about as truly universal as it can get when it comes to putting a smile on someone’s face. Just knowing the kids won’t be rushed to school in the mornings that put a smile on my face :). Ditto the “good health and continued prosperity” (a la Senor Pablo) to all of you and your loved ones.

    The top picture was shot on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II while the second was shot on the EOS 5D last year. Glad you enjoyed them.

    Englightening (no pun intended) and interesting lesson in Sanskrit. Apparently, I must have felt I do not have enough light as I recently picked up an 800W studio strobe with a reasonable large softbox!


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