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NATURE has always been beautiful. The only question is whether we see it as nature has intended or the way we want to, unnaturally. Regular readers know the number of hornbill photos I have in my archives along with a handful of sunrise silhouettes taken from the vantage point of my kitchen balcony. So yesterday, I noticed my favourite tree was aligned to the morning sun, a rare occurrence, I knew I had only minutes to get my act together. So I got the picture, what next?


A lonely tree pitched against the sun to create an isolated silhouette doesn’t say much. So I looked in my archives ofΒ  recently shot hornbill pictures and found a couple that would work well with this scene. The idea I had in mind was to create a cinematic scene with the Oriental Pied Hornbills and their instinctive flight towards the light. I took two hornbill photos, one from my recent aerial chase shot and another from the archive previously not used. One thing led to another and I turned a regular sunrise into a cinematic sunset.

There’s a thingΒ  called Cinematic Photo Stills and I’m just scratching the surface of what I think adds a different dimension. Let me know what you think?

12 thoughts on “FOLLOW THE LIGHT

  1. That is a beautiful pic. Nit picking here but I think the line around the hornbill on the top right kinda indicates that it was added there.

    But still, excellent shot, even without hornbills πŸ™‚


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