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You know you’re getting old when work is a lot less fun and fun is a lot more work!
— Joan Rivers

NO, THIS ISN’T AN EPISODE OF PRISON BREAK. But people have long been known to come here to escape the confines of their homes, offices and the monotonicity of the daily grind. The new attractions at the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) have proven very popular especially the outdoor basketball court and also the skateboard park which is just a stone’s throw away. Seen below, a rather over-engineered basketball board that exceeds NBA standards whichever way you look at it. Excellent idea nonetheless as the “cage” helps catch stray balls. Basked in the beaming sunset, this fast action sports make for dramatic silhouettes combined with the wider-than-life ultrawide angle shots!

© Jan Shim Photography
© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

I love how the player’s hair is all over the place in this shot!
© Jan Shim Photography
© Jan Shim Photography
© Jan Shim Photography

Talking about bringing community closer, one jogger brought this little puppy to the park and it wandered into the basketball court. He is one CHICK MAGNET. Some people try so hard to get attention and the sheer ‘cute factor’ of the puppy alone had girls all over him without breaking a sweat. So much so some of the basketball players stopped mid-game in awe! 🙂
© Jan Shim Photography
© Jan Shim Photography

This evening, we returned to the basketball court slightly earlier than the regular players so Jamie and Jewel were able to shoot some hoops  before we were benched to watch. The kids stayed behind the cage where it’s safe while I took to the sideline and took over a dozen slow shutter panned shots to achieve these effects.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

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  1. 篮球是我最喜欢的运动项目,从你的照片中不仅可以看到的是篮运的艺术,也可以看到篮运的精华。我喜欢这个篮球场,真想有一天到那里去打篮球。


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