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JELLYFISH are easily one of the most intriguing of all life forms that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. I have spent a good part of the four years or so looking at things through the viewfinder of my EOS cameras but nothing comes this close to the ultimate creatures that is so calming. They say watching fish swim is therapeutic so with that (compounded by the constant nagging of my daughter) we got ourselves a tank full of gold fish thinking that they really would be therapeutic. I’ve never been more stressed out! Therapeutic perhaps if you’re not the one looking after them 😛

A few weeks ago, watching a Hong Kong drama on TV, one of the scenes inside a shop with lots of fish tanks I noticed that instead of fish they had a big tank of jellyfish that were lit in pink. And I thought you couldn’t possibly keep them like you can with goldfish. This photo was shot in Singapore at Sentosa Underwater World and is the most mesmerizing picture I had from the trip. So recently I met an owner of a fish shop and asked him about availability of jellyfish in the country—None. <sigh!>

We tend to see many dead jellyfish that are washed up on our shores from time to time. These are not the adorable ones that you find in aquariums but rather the ones found in our shallow waters can give a nasty sting and the nastiest ones known to have killed humans are from the Portugese Man-of-War variety. The Japanese, on the other hand, has something called the Aquapict LED Jellyfish. If you take a look at the video, you’ll quickly see why they’re no replacement for the real ‘sting’. Their movements are as spasmodic as fake fish and while fairly maintenance free, they do not provide any calming effects that a real jellyfish does through the graceful pumping motion of its umbrella-shaped body.



    1. Oh trust me, I know! That’s why I went with freshwater fish, the
      lesser of the two evils, and even that was a OMG :O. I’m just not
      designed to look after delicate things.


    1. I might have one or two shots of the sea dragons but pictures are
      probably buried deep (pardon the pun) in the archives. They look like
      tangled sea horses and though they move gently unfortunately they do
      not epitomize calm.


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