Brunei Darussalam


Where hornbills, egrets, crows and thousands of small birds occupy the air space, these long tailed Macaque Monkeys are a common sight near the Shell Refinery. You can see them by the dozens either hanging off trees, lamp posts or feasting off the food that are left there by passers-by. The monkeys, despite their aggressive nature, have come to depend on charitable offerings from the public yet are very defensive when you approach them. I don’t think consumption of caffeine drinks is a good idea—the last thing you want is a bunch of aggressive and hyper active Macaques running loose in your neighbourhood.

Judging from the sort of food they get (pictured here a box of Pitaya or more commonly known as Dragon Fruit) the monkeys have access to better food than many of the foreign workers who work in the vicinty. The red skin dragon fruits are rich in Vitamin C, fiber and minerals notably phosphorus and calcium and also rich in phytoalbumins which are highly valued for their antioxidant properties.


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