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Not sure why but I seem to have a tendency to post new blogs right before an appointment and more often than not, only manage to upload the pictures just in time to head out. In 10 minutes, I’m meeting someone for coffee and a chat at Soi Hing Coffee Shop and I’m still pondering what to write! My not-so-famous last words: Gotta run, words later!

The intention of this post was not for readers to guess where these were shot but was merely my efforts to document some of the old—very old—and mundane places in and around Seria town. However, as Jasmine’s comments came in before I had a chance (after coffee with a friend) to even start writing, I’ll just proceed to confirm that the pictures from the second onwards are indeed of the defunct MARINA theatre. It was at this theatre where I gave out a lot of TOY STORY tee shirts and complimentary tickets for the Seria Premier (promoting the first computer animated movie made entirely on the Sun Microsystems server farm). The long queue looked promising but sadly, pirated movies eventually killed the cinema business and the building has been left in a derelict state ever since.

Many Seria residents who have lived in this town long enough would remember this cinema billboard. It’s not exactly the thing to be sentimental about and the present generation of kids would not pay any attention to this board that’s blistered with rusty staples.

However old, however locked down and ignored this theatre may be, until it’s torn down and a new estabishment takes its place, it continues to be a Seria landmark and a photographic opportunity for the self-initiated. As I venture deeper into stock photography, I begin to see art in the mundane of things and try to develop of sense of the foreign eye.’

© Jan Shim Photography

Feel free to take a stab at guessing the location of the first picture. It’s in Seria and not Kuala Belait as Jasmine had guessed. The state of the window is interesting and is open to interpretation of sorts. If you noticed, there’s a visible iron bar in between the window pane and bricks. I have not figured out what shop this wall belongs to but that would just give it away without breaking a sweat!

12 thoughts on “RUSTIC PROPERTY

  1. These pictures look so familiar and yet so hard to guess, just like the trees you taken earlier. Is this somewhere in KB?

    I didn’t venture that far this morning but that’s an idea I can use—KB town!


  2. I really love the photos you take.

    Hmm, that window looks familiar. In fact, it looks like any typical window that belongs to a shop building in Seria. Near Moi Nam Cakehouse I presume?


  3. Judging like a true ‘Serian’, Sleepy! I’ve always been fascinated by the allure of a town’s back lane and “near Moi Nam Cakehouse” is indeed correct. I first came across that particular window about a year ago and many times I hadn’t brought along my camera. Today, a long overdue procrastination finally gets immortalised.


  4. Nice processing and cinemas getting closed down because of pirated DVDs? Wow, I don’t think it could get that bad.

    Cinemas are pretty much thriving here in Malaysia. Though the grandfather-establishments have long been replaced by spanking new cineplexes.


  5. Nicholas, we have “spanking new cineplexes” too except they’re located no shorter than an hour’s drive from our humble abode. Old style theaters that you call “grandfather establishments” co-exist with the modern day cinemas just not side by side. They cater to a different market segment.

    While there are efforts to curb piracy, the phenomenon is rampant and its damage to our country’s reputation may be underestimated especially at a time when we’re pulling all stops to promote Brunei Darussalam as a investment destination and beyond.


  6. LOL..funny you should call me a Serian. Because I am in fact from Lumut. But you can say Seria is my second hometown because I go there regularly too.


  7. Well, I’m originally from KB and have only moved to Seria for about 5 years or so. I cannot say I know everything there is to know about the town’s history and happenings but I’m taking my time to discover them.

    BTW, “Sleepy in Seria” has potential for a good blog post or book. “Lumut” on the other hand doesn’t sound too convincing 🙂


  8. “To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s all about finding something interesting in an ordinary place. I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”
    Elliot Erwitt


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