Brunei Darussalam


By now, you’ll have gotten used to seeing this dead tree featured in more than a handful of posts. Perhaps, a little more than you would like to see. I have a tendency to over indulge occasionally when it comes to things that “wow” such as majestic sunrise and glorious sunsets. Sure, the sun comes up every morning at the same spot and sets at the same spot too but due changing weather conditions bring about unpredictable atmospheric aberrations that make each morning a little different from the one 24 or 48 hours earlier. If however you’re sick of this, feel free to mentally change this post to same shit different day as is the mood that many think of their work week! 🙂

© Jan Shim Photography

This morning at 6.39 I noticed a rare sight that startled me at first thinking “Whoa, moon sighting next to tree!” when in fact it’s the sun heavily masked by atmospheric condition dense enough to actually underwhelm and desaturate the glowing sun that should really be bright and yellow at this time. The interesting thing I discovered afterwards was this tiny bird sitting on a branch (top left corner of picture).

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. You have a knack of discovering little things about your shots.

    Yeah, I should be in forensics! I also got fed up with frequent chants of not sweating the small stuff when in fact it’s the little things that make up the big picture! 🙂


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