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PHOTOGRAPHY isn’t Everything—It’s the ONLY THING! If only that were true.  Too much of anything isn’t healthy so in between spare moments and quiet days, I would take on jobs that are less visual and more cerebral. This is where I give clients a peace piece of mind when it comes to matters that stimulate the literary sense. It’s called COPYWRITING (often mistaken with COPYRIGHT, the latter of which can get your ass kicked).

© Breeze Magazine | AS Trinity Sdn Bhd

So when  Breeze Magazine Chief Editor scratched his head and needed help with their entertainment directory page, E COMPASS Know where to get your kickz!!!” was inked. Check out Issue 9 of Breeze October 2008 online. The content is rich, informative, exciting, a mark of quality that has come a long way since Issue 2.


  1. You mean they don’t have this very basic information about KK entertainment scene yet until now?

    I would have thought this is one of the first thing the magazine should offer. What they should also have is a calendar of special events held at these joints.


  2. Well, it may very well be the “first thing” the magazine should feature but there are also a number of other first things that are just as important. I’m no expert but I am guessing that the momentum required to organize a directory isn’t something that happens overnight.

    I’ve taken the liberty of a direct link to the E COMPASS directory for those who may be visiting KK anytime soon and are in need of after hours places to hang out.

    Get your kickz here BREEZE NAVIGATOR E COMPASS (JPEG 400KB)


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