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Towards the end of a commercial shoot last week, hanging around the this scene caught my eye and after some careful post-processing (yes, you can be reckless and go overboard), I got the result just as I had pictured it in my head. Except for colour saturation, slight contrast and Fuji Superia 800 film grain effect tweaks the picture including the bokeh and shallow DOF are as-shot on the EOS 5D and EF24-70mm at f/2.8 … “HELLO HUGO!

© Jan Shim Photography

In a completely unrelated story with a comical twist, Woody, the friendly cowboy from the Disney hit animation TOY STORY is anything but bossy. After I was happy with the dry cabinet shoot from last week, I found the Canon 5D miniature a perfect prop that is just the right size in the Woody’s little hands though a little odd and untimely!

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

These photos were originally intended to supplement a post that had been slowly gaining some intellectual mometum in my head, a post that was to be titled “CASUALTY OF RAW” in view of the big chunks of storage space that digital photography demands. On the left picture below, Woody leans against a Maxtor OneTouch4 Plus 1TB disk enclosure.

Though I’m known more for my hefty JPEG archives, I do have a mix bag of RAW, TIFF and JPEG images from four years ago that occupy 850GB to date. Further more, I needed an enclosure that comes with USB and FireWire (though only FW400) ports. This 1Tb drive backs up data from 6 standalone disks that have occupied all available USB ports.

Without a doubt, digital photography and all its inherent risks and opportunities has even turned freelance ‘bosses’ into tech hostage!

4 thoughts on “BOSS AT WORK!

  1. I think the Woody character is quite dynamic and his on-screen personality quite adaptable off-screen. It could look like you too Alan with a miniature Acer laptop or Yonex ‘Lin Dan’ racket even without the plaid shirt or boots 🙂

    This wouldn’t be the first time Wood has made a appearance. In fact the first time properly photographed Woody was when I just gotten my Photogenic studio umbrellas and was really excited at the idea of soft diffused lighting so I just ‘threw’ Woody onto my ABSOLUT collection.

    I have not one but two of the EF600mm+1DII (not a Mark III) miniatures. The miniature marking the production of 30 million EF Lens applies to the years between 1987—2006, before the MkIII appeared.

    Tip! When buying Canon miniatures in particular the EF lens miniature, be sure to check the condition of the magnetic tripod collar at the store. I found a number of them heavily corroded. I won’t go into details what to look for but it’s fairly obvious when things look out of place but certainly you may be awed by the cool item that you overlook this.

    Having bought mine in good condition, I am surprised to find mine corroded despite being in an air conditioned room 24×7 where humidity levels 70%, which according to my dry cabinet post is plenty favourable to rust!

    So this morning, and a rather early one at that, I had the sizeable chunks of rust dissolved, cleaned and original condition restored. How long this is going to last only time (or rust) will tell.


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