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Businesses today realize that consumers increasingly value products and services that have a positive and meaningful association with the environment, with nature and with a healthy world. What if your business could establish a link between the conservation of some of the world’s most charismatic animals and your company’s products? The Malua Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank is a world-leading model for accomplishing just this.

— MALUA Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank by New Forests

Hornbill photo © Jan Shim Photography | Brochure © New Forests

The hornbills (featured here the Oriental Pied variety) are indeed one of such charismatic animals that grace our skies and residents of the Belait District in Brunei Darussalam notably in Panaga and Seria area. I began taking an interest in them back in March 2008 when they became a regular feature in my neighbourhood and since then I’ve been fascinated by their movements and habitats. So much so that I now have a nice collection of various hornbill photos that are both great for editorial documentary publication as well as a couple for fine art.

During the time of His Majesty the Sultan’s Birthday celebrations, I received an enquiry from NEW FORESTS:

We would like to purchase rights to one-time print use of the following photo (which we love). The photo would be used on the cover a brochure used to promote an innovative model for rainforest conservation in partnership with the Sabah State Government. I apologize for the rush as I know you are incredibly busy with His Majesty the Sultan’s Birthday celebrations at the moment.

I suspect the brochures were rushed for the launch of Malua Wildlife Habitat Conservation Bank in Sabah, Malaysia (link to PDF download). New Forests recently sent me a copy of the final brochure (PDF) and in additional, an copy of the brochure autographed by the team members is on its way. The hornbill has become more than just a charismatic animal, it’s attained somewhat of a celebrity status having been featured in The Brunei Times newspaper. All the publicity has made the bird an icon on SHIMWORLD and I’m proud to have been a part of New Forests wildlife habitat conservation efforts although indirectly.

Here’s food for thought—while my Nokia E71 post is Connecting People across continents, the hornbill photo on the other hand, has connected countries and its piercing cries continue to be heard by many in its path.


  1. haha your hornbill is really becoming quite a celebrity. Tho the only time i’ve seen a hornbill is seria is when a hornbill visited the office and was pecking at the window. =D


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