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It’s been five years now since I moved into the Sungai Bera neighbourhood and being an early person, I have seen and photographed many glorious sunrises from my kitchen balcony—the vantage point from which a number of photographs have been captured, and consumed notably DST EASI Pre-Paid Cards (“Flock of Birds“, “K.B. Sunset“, “Hornbill“). Note that “K.B. Sunset” is in fact a Seria Sunrise, something that’s that easily mistaken for a sunset.

So I thought I had seen it all until one morning when my early-bird daughter who’s getting ready for school came running into the room and got me out of bed. Click here to see a slightly larger version of the landscape.

Seria Morning Silhouette
A Seria Sunrise Silhouette © Jan Shim Photography

Now, if you look at the pair of dried out trees on the bottom left, that’s where these two hornbills perched in the picture below (originally posted in HORNBILL IN FLIGHT).

Hornbills Silhouette © Jan Shim Photography
Hornbills Silhouette © Jan Shim Photography

Zooming back out to the scene in the first picture, to the right of the entire scene (not captured above) lies another tree with a distinctive branching that when combined with dark clouds made a compelling black and white art as originally posted in HORNBILL USHERING MONDAY BLUES.

Hornbill Silhouette © Jan Shim Photography
Hornbill Silhouette © Jan Shim Photography

As beautiful as a glowing orange sunrise is along with the silhouette it produces, it is fairly rare. On this particular morning at 6.30, an excited Jewel dashed into the bedroom having caught sight of the unusual orange ambience in the kitchen shot through the large achitecturally-unspiring window!

Sunny Side Up. A Seria Sunrise. © Jan Shim Photography
Sunny Side Up. A Seria Sunrise. © Jan Shim Photography

Silhouettes aren’t complete until you have both day and night shots and you could say a photograph of the moon makes the ultimate silhouette. Shot from the very same balcony on Sept 25, 2007 Mid-Autumn Moon Festival at 640mm (someday I’ll attempt another shot with stacked extenders).

Full Moon on Moon Festival
Full Moon on Mid-Autumn Moon Festival


  1. I love the B&W hornbill shot.. very dramatic, but hoped it was not cropped like this..

    prolly leave it in its original aspect ratio… and have it printed large ! LARGE ON CANVAs !

    woo drool…

    and yes.. jan its 7.08am lei…… omg.. my eyess.


  2. Well done Jan.

    A beautiful morning sunrise where patches of light can be seen radiating across the greyish morning clouds.

    I also like the second picture. It is not easy to capture two hornbils from a long distance at that angle.

    Looking forward to see some more nice shots of Seria sunset soon.


  3. I’ve said this before, but your kitchen must be a great place! nice shots =)

    It’s the kitchen balcony that has an unonstructed view of the landscape and although the large kitchen window shares the same vantage point, it’s not nearly the same. The kitchen is where some of the food I (used to) cook were photographed and enjoyed by the family and friends and unfortunately it looks nothing like Jamie Oliver’s, Michael Smith’s or Kylie Kwong’s kitchen! 🙂


  4. I live in Lumut but always commute to Seria, and frankly speaking, I’ve never seen Seria in this light. I never thought this small town can be captured in frames of such wonderful colours. Those ‘Hornbills Silhouette’ photos remind me of Sleepy Hollow!

    You are one unique photographer!


  5. Thanks sleepy!

    I had to Google Sleepy Hollow to know what it is but I’ll admit that film of such genre wouldn’t be the first thing that get my attention—am more a The Recruit, Enemy of the State, Runaway Jury type guy and also selected super-hero genre in particular Spiderman and Batman (I don’t get Superman). But yeah, I’m honoured you associate my art shot of the hornbill to a Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci film! 🙂

    That cliche, “there’s more than meets the eye” applies to our sleepy town, SERIA. There are breathtaking moments I’ve come across that disappear in 30 minutes and regretfully not have my camera with me. There’s a scene now I’m patiently waiting for: orangy sunset, silhouette of trees, egrets and their reflection in the water. Sounds simple enough but when you analyse this, you have to have all the individual elements present and available at the same time to make the moment perfect!


  6. Hi Jan,

    Your works really impressed me a lot!! I like the second photo particularly – simple but beautiful composition.

    I should really work more harder with my 400D 🙂


  7. Thanks!

    I may have exhausted my creativity to produce more of these as the unfavorable weather hasn’t been uninspiring either. The 400D is good camera that produces great images and colours without much post capture processing. It does require experience operating and a vision for great pictures before they’re taken 🙂


  8. Thank you!

    The full moon pic was shot on my EOS 20D and 100-400mm secured on a tripod and triggered by a remote shutter release (enable mirror lock to avoid vibration). Also, I was literally attacked by very hungry mossies the entire time I was setting up, framing and adjusting the camera settings—all in all about 30 minutes of blood donating moments.


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