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On some Sundays when we (the parents) are lost for dinner ideas, we ask the kids and their answers are fairly predictable (when they happen to agree!). Predictable in the context of dining in Seria or Kuala Belait, that is, there’s only really Excapade Sushi, Fratini and Kaizen (on very rare occasions, we do Jollibee too)

This time, FRATINI fell squarely on the kids radar and off we headed for KB between when the sun was just starting to set. Wife drove and I sat in the back seat with my 5D/100mm f/2.8 and noted with interest as we made the tea-pot roundabout the dramatic change in lighting in that 270 deg turn turning into Pandan 5. The tea pot is beautifully lit around this time of the day with a tinge of warm glow. This photo was shot through the glass of our RAV 4 and camera was set in AI SERVO and Centre AF to compensate for the variation being pulled from the G-force during the turn.

© Jan Shim Photography

The shot of the water tower was not intentionally tilted for that Leaning Tower effect (I swear, it was purely accidental). It’s not easy shooting in a moving vehicle that bumps around so much as the RAV 4 but I nailed it tack sharp and with plenty of details when viewed 100%. At Fratini, the first thing that comes to mind is Iced Lemon Tea. It’s also the first thing that comes in mind at Kaizen and Excapade Sushi, each of which offers different blend of the popular drink.

© Jan Shim Photography

My all-time favourite—Fratini’s Caesar Salad with salmon (it used to be Bruschetta but not anymore since I can make them at home). Really, this is thereason that have me going back time and again not forgetting to mention also, friendly staff and on top of that, great ambient. (Jo Jo, you the man).

Those of you who wondered why I hadn’t posted any food photos, you can now have your moment of satisfaction. Hope it’s (lasting just 15 seconds) as good for you as it was for me! ;P

© Jan Shim Photography

Ever since Pizza Hut Seriastopped the delicious Italian thin crust, they kinda fell off my radar for pizzas (their banana split ice cream is still great). Thank goodness Fratini has even better Italian Meat Lover’s pizza that the kids love just as much and you can also order custom pizza named after my son, Jamie’s Special which is really an idea I borrowed from Universal Studio’s scrambled egg and sausages (just a gallery of Universal Studio, no actual picture of the pizza, they all went into out stomach before I remembered to take one).

© Jan Shim Photography

The place was packed last night and thankfully there was one table left, else we would be devastated having driven all the way there. A 50% Off Pizza and Pastapromo can mess with people’s mind and make people do things they don’t normally do! We didn’t choose Fratini because of the promo but it sure helped with the bill so it’s all good. 🙂

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

When you have meat lovers pizza and Caesar salad left overs, my wife came up with this idea to minimise wastage—Pizza, Cheese and Croutons sandwich!

© Jan Shim Photography

While waiting for the bill, another photo opportunity of staff getting a freshly baked pizza ready to be served. Another delicious Italian thin crust.

© Jan Shim Photography

On the way back to Seria, we stopped by a decorated lamp post just for the purpose of taking this photo something I had wanted to do since a week ago. Oh yeah, Fratini can do a basket of fresh fries too that has become Jamie’s must-have. Jewel has enlarged tonsils so she avoids fried stuff that would just worsen her condition. Anyone who has ideas about how you can reduce the tonsil swelling without going under the knife, I’m all ears. Besides asthma and allergy to egg whites, she has to live with enlarged tonsils that block the air passage way making breathing difficult when she has an asthma attack.

© Jan Shim Photography

This post complements and completes Fratini Restaurant. Simply Italian that has more interior shots the restaurant.


  1. Sorry to hear about Jewel and her asthma. I grew up with it too. Lets just hope that she’ll outgrow it as she becomes older.

    On a side note. I love the greens. Have a soft spot for salads.


  2. I love the teapot pic and the caesar salad… I used to have that often but have stopped for awhile now.. the smoked salmon got a bit too salty for my tastebuds :p Fratini does the best pizza..


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