Brunei Darussalam


The month of July is a month of celebration as Bruneians get ready to celebrate the 62nd birthday of His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei on the 15th. While not officially part of the calendar of activities, Chung Ching Middle School in Seria launched EKSPLORASI BAHASA MELAYU Cintai Budaya Sayangi Bahasa, a month-long showcase of students handicrafts, essays and relevant projects in the context of our national language and culture.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. hi
    ur great
    ur friend chaw from seria intruduse u to me
    said me that ur a great photographer
    i want some digital pic from nature but not from internet
    your city nature
    plz help me by send some of ur pics for me



  2. I think I need to sit Chaw down and give her some Free consultancy on telling people to come here for (presumably free) photos!

    That said, if you’re after pictures of Seria/Kuala Belait use the SEARCH box on the top right and you’re more than welcome to save the images you like on your PC for personal viewing only. Anything beyond that, a quote, followed by an invoice and payment from you including the Copyright Law come into effect!

    Thank you for visiting.


  3. [quote]

    * The author is the person who creates the work, and the first owner of © in the work will be the author.
    * Permission to use must be in writing by the © owner
    * Permission must be obtained on each and every occasion and must be very explicit about what you want to do.
    * Using an image on a website, handout or PowerPoint presentation need permission
    * Downloading an image from a website for personal non-commercial study and only to make a single printout need not have permission.
    * Copyright duration is life of the author + 50 years [applies to all works except typographical arrangement of published edition: 25 years]
    * International © does not exist
    * Brunei is a member of the Berne Convention


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