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UPDATE: 2008 Oct 01 Crocodile Sighting (mud on back)
UPDATE: 2008 Sept 27 Crocodile Sighting

There is good news and there is bad news and news of a croc sighting is not what local residents would consider (ever) good news but which in my opinion falls squarely in-between. For nature and wildlife lovers the presence of a reptile is nothing out of the ordinary and is in fact good news especially when it is sighted elsewhere other than its “usual” hangout. You can spot an inexperienced wildlife newbie in a heartbeat when the word hangout is used. The small town phenomenon is evident when news of the crocodile sighting spreads quicker than newspaper sales.

Driving home from a short errand on June 30th, I caught sight of the reptile basking in the strong shadow of the evening sunlight. This time of the year, we seem to experience longer daylight hours so there was enough time to head home and come back with my 20D and 100-400mm. The following excerpt from the front page of The Brunei Times.

© The Brunei Times

Stranger in the neighbourhood. A small Estuarine crocodile, relaxing on the mudflats at Kampong Sungai Bera, Seria. Residents have seen the crocodile in and around the area from time to time, however yesterday afternoon’s low tide sighting was the first that many got the chance to see the reptile lounging in the sun. As more and more curious onlookers arrived, the crocodile eventually retreated back into the shelter of nearby waters. — The Brunei Times, July 1 2008

Those of you with an over active imagination may want to include an imaginary movie theme while viewing this post to heighten your sense of fear!

© Jan Shim Photography

It’s no surprising that news of the estuarine croc attracted Mark Hessels, Chairman of the Panaga Natural History Society who is also an avid wildlife photographer. Seen below with his Nikon D300 and 400mm prime lens. It’s also not everyday that I get to shoot alongside a seasoned and knowledgeable photog.

© Jan Shim Photography

On the very next day at noon, after tidal water has recededed considerably, the same crocodile reappeared at the same spot to catch the intense morning rays (3 hours later, I got several shades darker).

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

2008 Sept 27 Crocodile Sighting
Between my first post and this, there has been several sightings of the croc reappearing at the same location to catch some rays. This morning however the croc was seen on the slope as the tide waters had its usual “sun bed” submerged under water.

© Jan Shim Photography

2008 Oct 01 Crocodile Sighting (Mud on back)

Today, the eve of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, a series of beautiful sunny mornings this week, I presume it’s the same croc that has been making this location its home. Excellent vantage point, itself becoming quite the attraction with passers-by and an interesting slab of mud on its back.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

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  1. The picture is great! It doesn’t portray the crocodile as an ominous creature about to devour something (or someone!) but as a creature sharing our space, getting a much needed suntan!!


  2. those pictures look great, i love reptiles especially crocodiles and their enigmatic ways, u captured them like a true artiste would, great job J.


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