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Two weeks of school holidays are officially over and the kids are back in school much to the delight of many full-time moms I know who see schools as day care services. Many working parents are also back to work dreading the first day of the week after two weeks of blissful break from the daily grind. This morning, two hornbills appeared in the neighbourhood following a long silence and just when I thought I could sleep in, one of them perched right on my TV antenna and the jolt from its piercing cries ended my wishful thinking.

One of my favourite hornbill silhouettes © Jan Shim Photography

Whilst the hornbill was still on the antenna, a number of smaller birds were not pleased with its presence and in several swoops attempted to make it go away. While hornbills eat mainly fruit they also take insects, small reptiles, birds and mammals. So naturally, they are feared predators putting all smaller birds in defence. With the EOS 20D and 100-400mm (640mm) I caught it flying to a tree in the distance. I thought the back light from the morning sunrise made a nice silhouette. Suddenly the curse of the Monday blues isn’t so bad after all.

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  1. that picture is by far, one of the most beautiful pictures i have ever seen. you know over this side of the world this is the first week of school holiday. they have in total 2 months i think of free time. lovely pik though, a really great silhouette.


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