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As beautiful as a glowing orange sunrise is along with the silhouette it produces, it is fairly rare. On this particular morning at 6.30, an excited Jewel dashed into the bedroom having caught sight of the unusual orange ambiance in the kitchen shot through the large architecturally-inspiring window! In my semi-conscious state, I picked up my 20D and 100-400mm and fired off a series of shots aimed at the distant trees for focus lock. Don’t even try to aim at the sun and for your sake don’t look at it longer than you have to!

Sunrise on May 19th © Jan Shim Photography

Recently, someone asked me if I had stopped eating! That someone happens to be a SHIMWORLD reader who in her words said, “… love your food photos” and she regularly feeds off the Food Page. But her earlier comment isn’t too far from the truth. I have indeed stopped eating but not starving myself. The change of work strategy now sees me more grounded in front of the PC and I have to be careful not to feed that spare tyre any more than I have to. Back when I was gunning weddings and corporate events, there was more than enough exercise to weight in check, these days my fingers are pretty fit. This was my breakfast this morning—Lemon Pepper fish fillet in crispy Japanese crumbs, baked beans and alfalfa sprouts along with my morning starter, Nescafe Gold.

© Jan Shim Photography

There was a time I used to make salads regularly and with whatever ingredients that came to mind. The whole idea of salads is use items that are raw and fresh so this typically includes green (and sometimes purple) veggies, onion rings, smoked salmon, croutons and occasionally included cooked items such as sliced hard-boiled eggs! I honestly think this sort of indulgence probably isn’t very healthy either … it looked fairly rich even with generous helping of 100% Pure Olive Oil, I eventually got disgusted and stopped making them unless someone else makes them. The one salad I absolutely love is Fratini Restaurant’s Caesar Salad. I dine there so much that they remember to serve my caesar with smoked salmon instead of chicken.

© Jan Shim Photography

These days, I have all but simplified my love for the greens into just dipping them in an amazing bottled Paul Newman’s Own caesar dressing that you can find in Supa Save Supermarket (for Bruneian readers). I also pick my fresh greens from Supa Save that’s sandy right off the shelf. I no longer go through the trouble of mixing the veggies in a bowl with olive oil and dressing. In order to minimize wastage, I dip the leaves in a bowl of dressing and this has become the new way of eating for me and Jewel, the only other member who shares my love for greens.

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. If you’re concerned about calorie intake vs. activity, then caesar dressing is probably one of the first things that should go… unless it’s the non-fat or low-fat variety; but then it’s lacking in taste.


  2. yes, nescafe gold for starters…can’t function properly without my caffeine either.

    I’ve always wanted to quit coffee but have found it IMPOSSIBLE to do so! The last time I tried, I was miserable and had withdrawal symptoms. During that time, a report that coffee was found to be rich in anti-oxidant circulated on TV and the radio and it became a convenient excuse for me.

    The trouble I have with coffee is not the coffee per se but the amount of sweetened milk I had to have. It was only recently that I managed to give up sugar in my coffee after almost a year of alternating between brown sugar and condensed milk. Today, I have my Nescafe Gold with fresh milk and this combination makes unsweetened Nescafe much more acceptable and it quickly becomes an acquired taste. Justification—anti oxidant, caffeine w/out the sugar!


  3. Hya Jan,

    I would think that those greens would appeal even to children.

    Some of us find it hard going to get the kids to eat their greens here is England.

    Nice and colourful which is what I have come to expect of Asia.


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