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The problem with shopping isn’t the cardiac moment at the end of the month but the moment your favourite pair of sandals broke, unexpectedly! A little over a week ago, I wrote about the NIKE ACG Sidewinder sandals I bought out of sheer curiousity as much as a weakness for casual elegance. Whatever the other reasons may be, it was not to replace the very seasoned BeetleBug ones you see here.

Perhaps the photos do not do much justice to the attraction of the BeetleBug shoes and maybe it’s just easy to capture the appeal of earth coloured items but it was precisely the dark brown/black color tone that did it for me. Wear and tear had made the drawing on the midsole disappear and so too the shoes when it tore. Almost! The girls at the store said I had bought the last pair a year ago and worse, BeetleBug Singapore did not even have the courtesy to respond to my email.

© Jan Shim Photography

I had looked way too far from home when the very person who ended up fixing it is right in town in Seria. In fact, he’s been my trusty cobbler for many years for leather soles and it escaped my mind that they could also handle problems seemingly delicate like this one. I had the leather straps replaced on both for consistency and they’re like new!

© Jan Shim Photography

The appeal of a BeetleBug lies in the detail engraved into the soles. It’s art, it’s fashion and no doubt, it’s pricey and if my conservative folks ever found out the prices of my FOOT wear, I’ll add “loud” to the list of other possible attributes!

© Jan Shim Photography


  1. Hi Jan,

    You have email to BeetleBug using the sg website’s service? If so, then maybe you would like to email directly to this person, Ms Johana, which she can help you out.

    Her email address: –

    Hope this info helps.


  2. Lovellynn,

    Yes I contacted them via their website’s form. Not getting a response turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Gave me an opportunity to discover what’s actually available in town. I appreciate your help and thank you for the email contact—you’ve done the internet shoe community a service!

    A few weeks ago, I received an sms notification from BeetleBug Brunei about a Closing Down Sale. I have not been back to check if the business is sold to a new owner or has is it closing/closed down for good.


  3. Jan,

    Its indeed a closing down sales. Cos the branch in Brunei is under franchise leases and the whole operation will be ceased somewhere in June.

    The main company in Singapore is currently looking for other interested parties in Brunei to keep the franchise business on-going. Hence, its new premises might not be located at Gadong, The Mall, unless they could find someone or some company interested to take over the existing shop.

    So, I suppose you could hurried down to the shop to browse thru the remaining stocks and see if there are any pair that you might be attracted to.. Especially when its a closing down sales, should be more than 50% off all regular items, right?

    Happy shopping~


  4. I’ll be sure to check it out the next time I’m in town. I live in the oil town of Seria and The Mall is over an hour’s drive away. That said, the rental is pretty exorbitant for the obvious lack of critical mass! Survival of anything is questionable but relocating to somewhere strategic without the price tag (pardon the pun) would be wise. The photo of the tan sandals is in fact my second pair while my very first pair is the the BL1-632-41, an artsy sandal with splashes of green and yellow art prints.

    Shopping aside, as a commercial photographer, I’d be interested in any commercial photography PrettyFit or BeetleBug may have and this isn’t limited to just images for use in Brunei but practically anywhere else. As long as the items are available in your store here, it can be photographed. Part of my value-added service is the inherent publicity that brought you to this page in the first place. The picture buttons on the sidebar (right) are links to my blog articles where clients engaged me to produce images for their brochures or menu as in the case of food images.

    SHIMWORLD today has over 204,000 page views has more reach than newspaper advertising and has an extensive global reach (just look at the country tracker). Effectively translating to money well spent.


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