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A NOTE OF THANKS to LILY CHIAM, a highly accomplished musician, business owner, a friend and most of all a Mom for her invitation to the DREAM ASCENDS concert tonight where she’ll debut and perform tracks from her album TOGETHER! It’s much appreciated. I’m certain I will enjoy the fascinating aerialist and New York dancer, the lighting effects, the different instruments and cultural dances that you so eloquently put but most of all, your performance! Regrets, however, I have prior commitments on this celebratory weekend. I believe DREAM ASCENDS is going to be a great finale to Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, according to THE HOMEROOM, an LA Times blog, …

a group of mothers are staging a protest on Friday to send the message that the only thing mothers really want for Mother’s Day is a decent education for their kids … Their target: the millions of dollars the governor has proposed cutting from the education budget.

While nothing of the sort is happening in our education sector, we all want better education for our kids, our legacy for the future! And what better subjects to educate our kids than love. A love for education, a love (and respect) for the family, a discipline that’s taught at Chung Ching Primary School in Seria as early as kindergarten. Education including family values begins at home as much as it is at school and he school instills the culture at an early age. Today, on the eve of Mother’s Day, students, teachers and parents celebrated the occasion with roses, cake and a whole lot of attention!

© Jan Shim Photography

Primary 2 students playing a Mother’s Day piece to the delight of their parents who looked on from the side walk.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

A teacher with an empty red box that contained Mother’s Day cards, a surprise from the students to their moms along with the red roses, chocolates and abundance of smiles.

© Jan Shim Photography

A student and her mother poses for a deserving photo moment.

© Jan Shim Photography

Besides greeting cards, students also surprised their moms with a written declaration of their love in more than one languages while hearts remain universally symbolic!

© Jan Shim Photography

I don’t remember anyone teaching me the notion of giving flowers to my parents at school but if I did, I might have done so quite innocently. But I grew up and eventually understood the meaning of roses fairly well 🙂

© Jan Shim Photography

On April 28 2008 The School Leadership National Conference and Workshop 2008 was officiated by the Minister of Education. The ceremony, a first joint collaboration between MOE, UBD and Microsoft, was held at the Chancellor’s Hall and the event carried the theme ‘School Leaders for Tomorrow’s Education‘. The Minister received a token of appreciation from Microsoft Brunei, a photograph I took at the Rimba Primary School captioned “In Every Child There Is A Potential To Be Great.

Gift to the Minister of Education by Microsoft |  Photography © Jan Shim

Chosen from a series of photographs from the LEARNING STYLES AND POWERPOINT project with Microsoft, Country Manager Wan Kong and I deliberated over the selections and mutually arrived at the same piece differing only in our interpretation of the photo caption.

“Learning Styles (LS) can be defined as the way each person begins to Concentrate on new and difficult information, Process this information, Internalize and retain this information and; Use this information … The Dunn & Dunn Learning Styles Model operates with 20 elements that are fundamental to our learning … is aligned with the learning sysems of the brain … thoroughly researched and has already proven its strength.” You can learn more at

As a token of appreciation for the efforts of the teachers and students at CCMS in making the shoot possible, Microsoft had goodie bags for the team. On Microsoft’s behalf, I handed them to the teacher in charge on this day to coincide with the school’s Mother’s Day celebration!

© Jan Shim Photography

The following two photos were candid moments at CCMS. Photographing them candidly can be difficult given the available space to move around in relation to direction of light in order to maintain a natural looking ambient including the right body language and behaviour.

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

© Jan Shim Photography

Other Microsoft links

Other Chung Ching School links


  1. that was lovely kids expressing their love for their mothers. i had no idea mothers day was a global celebration guess this article brings to me another f.y.i moment. and its great that the children are been exposed to technology at their age, letting them have that love for it now will only ensure productivity in the future. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, you are all truly special. great article Jan, hope u gave all the mothers in your life a mothers day to remember.


  2. The photo was in a Chinese newspaper front page right? I thought it was rather a good shot. The newspaper article with the photo is stuck up in Rhythmic Arts (KB), the place where the kids learn violin. I still have the easi card where the front photo is a sunset shot by Jan Shim. Love your shots 🙂


  3. The front page photo you saw may have been taken by the Principal himself and he goes by the stage name of James Sim (often mistaken as mine) unless I happened to have emailed him some of the pictures, I don’t remember (age isn’t catching up with me, age HAS caught up it seems).

    About the images on EASI cards, thanks! I’ll share a secret with you, the K.B. SUNSET picture isn’t a sunset but in fact a SERIA SUNRISE! More specifically, Kg Sungai Bera Sunrise.


  4. Oh okay. He loves photographing that’s for sure. I’ve been in chung ching for um.. 13 years? since kindy 😀

    It sure LOOK sunset than sunrise to me haha. I’m a Seria-ian! that’s so mean to publish our beautiful beautiful Seria beach as a KB one. Pft~ =P

    We might have met tho. Hmm.. Look forward meeting you someday, somewhere 🙂


  5. I take it you’ve now finished CCMS as “have been” suggests you’re still attending school there? Both my kids attend CCMS Primary and they’ve been in the same school since kindy so in that 13 years that you’ve been there, our paths might have crossed. In the past CCMS Annual Anniversary, I shot the officially unofficial dinner photos for the school where my daughter has also performed a number of times. I would have been the one with the SLR and white telephoto lens moving around the entire night and sometimes forgetting to eat while the kind folks at the VIP table put something aside for me anyway.

    I’ve just uploaded two new EASI Card pictures to the collection. As for the mistaken identity of Seria, it may be a blessing in disguise so Seria remains ever more mysterious to the uninitiated. 🙂

    To give you an example. Nonnie (Spiritual Garden) and I have met a couple of times and are IM regulars and small town it may be, I still don’t know where exactly her house is. It’s nature’s way of protecting the precious! So it’s quite OK if nobody knows where the Sunrise picture was taken but I made no effort to hide that.


  6. I’ve performed several times during CCMS Annual Anniversary tho! Dance.. choir.. As school helpers.. You might have even took a shot of me in random! Haha, small world.

    I’ve seen the two new EASI cards days ago but didn’t notice my name in the post until today. haha! Well, guess the mystery remains a mystery to those who doesn’t read Shimworld.

    It’s dumpling festival today, hope you have a great time with your family! 🙂


  7. This year CCMS celebrates its 70th Anniversary and I guess they’re probably planning something special—SEVENTY is a significant number. Only thirty years more to go before its centenary celebration. Have you seen the pictured from the 69th Anniversary?

    It’s dumpling festival today, hope you have a great time with your family!

    As a self-confessed “banana” I am unable to share the ROTFLMAO moments with Nonnie whom you’ve managed to bring to tears with the prelude to your Dumpling Festival post!

    So, dumping people into the sea is your gang’s signature, huh? I guess with dumplings tasting a little bland, a little natural salt helps bring the flavour back! Good move!

    I caught some of your mates in high definition and I’m sure these pictures will be meaningful years from now.

    Dumpling Festival 2008 at the Billionth Barrel Monument


  8. You’re the photographer in red, saw the picture in Nonnie’s post and I went OHHHHHH… Now that I recognize, I’d go up and say hi the next time I see you 😀

    “So, dumping people into the sea is your gang’s signature, huh? ”
    Yeah, around 20 of us, none of us got up the car UNsalted. Haha.

    I’ve grabbed some of the pictures and posted up in my blog, hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    I think I’m gonna go CCMS for their anniversary, provided my exams don’t clash with the celebration haha. I’ll see you when I see you. 🙂


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