Introducing JIGGIE, “Dick Tracy” and MC for NBT Toyota & Lexus 2008 Annual Dinner & Dance. In his opening remarks … 

Some of you may know me from the NBT Treasure Hunt. During my stay here I must say I am amazed by the NBT staff, by your enthusiasm, sportmanship and your zest for life.

Themed A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES, this year’s staff performances were the most spectacular in the three years that I’ve shot this annual event.

© Jan Shim Photography

A fun-filled evening of vibrance, exquisite and zesty performances each worthy of these iconic figurines to mark another great year for these dynamic staff. Seeing is believing and I (have) seen!

© Jan Shim Photography

NBT has been awarded the Silver Award for The 2007 Customer Service Award from Toyota Motor Corporation. Pay close attention to the gold figurine and Mr Chacko behind the rostrum and note the uncanny resemblance—silver award it may be but certainly gold standards!

© Jan Shim Photography 

A signature entrance by the Emperor’s Court waiters and waitresses serving dinner in style. A mono-light gave an artistic silhouette accented by the glass candle holder. Managing Director, Mr Ninan Chacko, toasts to his VIP guests at the main table.

© Jan Shim Photography

“D” for disco hour to wind down the evening. What began on the stage ended on the stage. The night’s not over until it’s over!

© Jan Shim Photography

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