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NOT for these 6 and countless others who successfully scaled South East Asia’s highest mountain MOUNT KINABALU (LOW’S PEAK at 4095.2M/13,432.26FT) does the word impossible come in mind. CONGRATULATIONS to my wife Chris (whose determination never ceases to amaze me), her sister Julie and colleagues Zurina, Pg. Ali and Teo for rising to the occassion in the face of uncertainty and “humbled by the mountain’s overwhelming power, yet exhilarated by their own accomplishment.” (a quote I borrowed from the description of a book Everest: Mountain Without Mercy). The blog article I posted on Day 1 of my wife’s trip just took on a new definition of WELL HEELED. WELL DONE!

Photos © Julie Yap

Going through the images from the other climbers, I came across these two great catch by Gina. The circular rainbow just isn’t something you see everyday unless of course you happen to live above the clouds! The sunrise silhouette of the slope is simply breathtaking!

Photos © Gina

Rounding off the journey from Low’s Peak, Chris brought home a box full of very delicious donuts from BIG APPLE DONUTS—heavenly tastes on Earth and at home! Pictured here is the “MOONRAKER. James Bond’s favourite coco pops”

© Jan Shim Photography

14 thoughts on “NO MOUNTAIN TOO HIGH

  1. Wow, really like the breathtaking shot from the mountain. Congratulations to all who overcome all obstacles in reaching the top…Well Done!! 🙂


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  3. Hey, did your wife take those pictures? You train her hard? hahah… Nice view from above!! Congrats to them all!!

    She’s IN the picture and nobody seems to remember who took what. All we know are these pics came out of my sister-in-law’s IXUS 700 (photos are credited to her with exception of the donut). Before the trip, many cautioned that weather conditions might freeze the small digital compacts as it had happened before but thankfully on this trip it seems everyone had their share of breathtaking moments at Low’s Peak!


  4. Tried Big Apple donuts a few days ago … it was awesome ! 😀 Not sure which ones I ate, but I ate about half a dozen of ’em … heheh 😀


  5. Congrats! Well Done to Chris & everyone in the team! Great pics too!
    I hv made it up Mount KK when I was 15 then. Don’t think will be able to do again it now.


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