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gold-rose.jpg© Jan Shim Photography

Long after the red roses dried out and the Ferrero Rocher chocolates disappeared, I wanted the roses from the Valentine’s Day gift to stay in shape as long as possible. When fresh flowers wither, they shrink and become wrinkly and that’s fine but red roses turn black which hardly instils romance no matter which way you look at it.

With no prior experience, I went ahead with the project and armed with a gold spray paint, I had given the semi red rose petals more than one layer of paint. Some concerns crossed my mind as I was doing this, wondering if chemicals in the paint would react with the petals and completely disintegrating them leaving me with just the stem or what was left of an amateurish job. Nevermind if the gold Ferrero Rocher chocs are gone, these gold roses aren’t going anywhere!

Photograph shot on the EOS 5D and EF100 f/2.8 Macro lens using a single 60-inch umbrella lighting.

6 thoughts on “A GOLDEN TOUCH

  1. So you spray painted a coupla roses gold, and just snapped away ? Sounds so simple, yet the picture is amazing.

    Well, it’s not that simple yet it’s not that difficult either. I’ve always maintained that it’s more critical to own camera equipment that is user friendly and eventually become an extension of you. For me, I found the EOS 20D having switched from the 300D to be so intuitively designed that I’ve been able to work more comfortably than when I had the 1DMkII. Naturally when I was looking for a successor, I again found it in the 5D which shared identical form factor and user friendliness as the 20D. You won’t find me talking at lengths or comparing camera equipment unless the topic is a useful and productive one such as the 20D Battery Grip Fix and Speedlite 580EX Hot Shoe Fix. Also as I have no prior 35mm film experience, a full frame digital SLR was something I was excited about and FF made my existing L lenses such as the EF17-40 f/4, EF24-70 f/2.8, EF70-200mm f/2.8 and EF100-400 f/5.6 a lot more useful too!

    Photography has not changed but camera manufacturers keep trying to push the envelope and convince YOU that you need the latest high tech camera to get the shot! Maybe it’s because I am as Princess Nashwa puts it, “laid-back and not glitzy” away from city life tucked deep in the oil town of Seria, I have my reservations.

    Besides, my 10 year old car that I spend countless hours community in comes with twin airbags, ABS brakes, power steering, air conditioning, and yes, FM radio. While my long gone 1DMkII was capable of shooting at 8.5 fps, I think my car is big enough to take 8.5 passengers per ride. Princess Nashwa also said I was “humourous” 🙂

    Nice touch! There is around here who advertises taking old flowers and dipping them in 24c gold.

    Great idea although the very idea of dipping them in 24c gold sends shivers up the spine both in a good and exciting way but at the same time fraught with high end risks!


  2. Hi Jan..It’s alright that the Ferrero Rocher Chocolates disappeared, the most important is that u really make an afford to touch up the shows that u r a lovely person that appreciate and care about long lasting relationship. Especially in a marriage, we really need lots of touch up here and there to keep going 😉


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