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On 10th Feb , the first Sunday of Chinese New Year festive weekend, I had dim sum at the Emperor’s Court with my in-laws. We’ve had a pretty wet lunar new year celebration so far and it’s a welcoming change to have these dim sum wetting our appetites. There’s plenty of choice at the steamer to satisfy even the most ardent dim sum regular and the choice distracted me enough to put the camera down.

emperordimsum-001.jpg emperordimsum-008.jpg
emperordimsum-004.jpg emperordimsum-006.jpg
emperordimsum-005.jpg emperordimsum-007.jpg
emperordimsum-011.jpg emperordimsum-010.jpg
All images © Jan Shim Photography

Later that day, I visited the Hua Ho residence and enjoyed the performance by 8 lions immensely! Stay tuned for the next blog post.

9 thoughts on “THE EMPEROR’S DIM SUM

  1. I love the Dim Sum prepared by RBC, be it Emperor’s courts or Dynasty in Centrepoint, especially the Prawn Shumai … 😀 Can’t really eat the actual Shumai, since I’m a muslim, heheh 😛

    But for a change in taste, try the non-RBC Dim Sum from Orchid Garden Hotel, Vanda Chinese restaurant on the first floor.

    Great pics, btw. 😀 Makes me hungry. 😛


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