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Oh how time flies! Just a year ago Wella and its Brunei distributor Hong Guan engaged Jan Shim Photography for its prestigious Wella Trend Vision  Award 2007 where selected Wella salon hairstylists are given the “creative freedom to interpret one of the four hair trends, using Wella Professionals products to create the look.” Of the four selected salons from Brunei, Toppy Beauty Salon emerged as THEME WINNER 2007.

© Jan Shim Photography

This year, Trend Vision 08 sees four new trends: Wonderland, Mineral Splendour, Factory Lyrics and Couture Allure and yesterday each of this year’s participating salons had an opportunity to interpret them @ Masamichi Studio, a close associate I work with for fashion photography assignments.

wella2008-2.jpg wella2008-3.jpg
© Jan Shim Photography

In a similar mode as 2007, three salons including Toppy Salon, travelled from the Belait District to join a fourth salon in the Brunei capital where our studio is located. Photographer Jason reviewing a shot with one of the salon’s hair stylist on his newly acquired Olympus E3.

© Jan Shim Photography

The selected images from this shoot are in the process of being submitted to Wella for the regional Trend Vision 08 Awards competition between Singapore and Brunei salons. Results are expected in March and then, the images shall remain behind closed doors. We wish them all the best!

10 thoughts on “FOOTPRINT AND BOOTS

  1. Hmmm … Fashion photography was never a big interest to me, not sure whether I’m genuinely not interested in Fashion, or because I never had a chance to do Fashion shoots.

    I should really look around, see if anyone has a need for a Fashion photographer. 😀 I know some owners of small boutiques, I’ll enquire with them. 😛

    Thanx Jan, for piqueing my interest in Fashion photography. 😀


  2. Those boots belong to one of the models whose blonde hair is in the 2nd pic. When the results are announced in March, I’ll follow up with pictures of all the four participating models including last year’s set.


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