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This school holiday, the kids got more than they bargained for. Just a week earlier, I took them to Singapore, stayed at Park Hotel Orchard and spent a full 3.5 days with the kids at various places of interests and beating the odds of having a good time despite the bad weather. As if that wasn’t enough, we checked into Empire Hotel a day after Christmas (used up a gift voucher) and spent a full day at the Waterfall where my kids together with their cousins had a splash at the inviting pool. Some of us walked over to the main lobby for the Afternoon Tea.

© Jan Shim Photography

empire-1.jpg empire-6.jpg

Always a breathtaking vantage point from ground level overlooking the pool facilities and South China Sea. One of many sweet servings whose name I don’t even know.


Sunset glimpse of the main building

empire-4.jpg empire-3.jpg
Had a quick tour of the Country Club and came across this unoccupied spa. Entrance to Pantai restaurant.


Delicious home-made cheese cake by sister-in-law Wan and personally delivered to the hotel too!

We had other family members join us for dinner @ Li Gong Restaurant where we had the B$25.00 nett per head all you can eat menu—65 dishes to choose from :-O! There were so many of us that we occupied two tables and needed two buggies to take us to the main building after wards.

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24 thoughts on “A DAY AT THE EMPIRE HOTEL

  1. I’ve stayed at the hotel on numerous times though not on every occasion where I felt compelled to photograph. I have also photographed Golf tournaments organised by my corporate clients Lexus and HSBC at the Jack Nicklaus-designed golf course. It’s quite common for locals to spend a night or two at the resort.


  2. Fabulous write-up about a fabulous place!!
    Stayed there for a 2 nights Jan ’07 during our honeymoon.
    Afternoon tea is superb!
    My sister-in-law lives near BSB. We can’t wait to go back to Brunei for a holiday.
    Best wishes from Scotland the brave – Tommy.


  3. Hello Tommy,

    That’s Fabulous! 🙂

    On your next trip, be sure to spend two nights at the Ulu Ulu Resort in Temburong, if you didn’t visit it the last time. Your Brunei experience isn’t quite complete without a stay in the pristine tropical rainforest.

    Also, make a trip to the Belait district and savour the local street food such as our popular dry noodles (kolomee and kway teow), rojak, among other local delights.

    I’m glad you enjoyed your stay here.


  4. Hi Jan,

    Am a Malaysian living in Hong kong with two boys aged 5 and 7 , looking for a place to take the kids for end of August. Empire Hotel looks great…. do you think the kids will like it? We’ve been to Nexus in KK, Hyatt in Hua Hin, Sheraton Laguna in Phuket, Shangrila Mactan in Cebu, Hilton in Bali so my kids will compare to these. Their fav would be Phuket so far.

    Any ideas?


  5. Dear Kim,

    Thank you for your comments and interest towards our Hotel. The Empire Hotel and County Club is a golf, spa and family beach resort – facilities like bowling, cinema, E Kids club, Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, swimming pools, seasport activities are available to keep families occupied throughout their stay.

    If you would like to make a reservation or find out more about our hotel, please email me directly at

    Thank you



  6. @ Kim

    It’s everything you see and more at The Empire. Do drop Hafiza a line if you haven’t already to let her know if you have anything specific in mind. The thing that comes to me as far as kids go is the Sunday Splash activity now called Family Day Splash which takes place on every last Sunday of the month.


  7. Hi Jan!

    Nice write up! Even nicer pictures! I’ve always liked your style of photography! I will never be as good as you but I would love to have you teach me if possible.. 🙂

    How did you get that aerial picture of The Empire? Would love to go up in a helicopter or small plane and cruise the coastline of Brunei looking for waves to surf! 😀

    Anyway glad that everyone enjoyed their time in Empire.


  8. You have done some amazing photographs. Your sense of direction and perspective is pretty much flawless. Really awesome. Now can I have some cheesecake?


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